Vessels Built in Charlotte County Over 40 Ton

Vessell Name Type Year Builder Owner Place Built End
ABIGAIL 86 ton 1833 Charles D Wilcox same Grand Manan unknown
ALBION 68 ton 1833 John Ingalls Charles Ingalls Grand Manan lost 1835
AMARANTH 169 ton 1831 Joel Ingersoll George Card


Grand Manan wrecked NS 1837
AMAZON 78 ton 1833 Joseph McFarland same,Silas Card

Richard Card,

Richard E Card, John Staling

Grand Manan wrecked near Digby 1841
ANGLO-AMERICAN 93 ton 1866 not identified Wm.Hart,Mary Pettes,Sydney Bancroft Grand Manan Lost 1871
ANN LEONARD 90 ton 1859 not identified John and Simeon Leonard Deer Island reg Saint John 1866

St.Andrews 1870

ANNIS 53 ton 1817 Joel Ingersoll same Grand Manan broke up 1848
BACHELOR 341 1827 George Gilley James Allanshaw,John McMaster St.Patrick sold England 1827
BACHELOR 136 ton 1820 ----------- James Allanshaw,John McMaster St.Patrick wrecked Machias, Me 1827
BROTHERS 24 ton 1853 Frederick W Moses Frederick W Moses Campobello lost or broke up
CAD ------ 156 ton


1832 William Cummings William Curry


Deer Island lost no details
CAMPOBELLO 302 ton schooner 1824 Will Durham John Patterson

Robert Mackie

Campobello sold Liverpool
CAVILIAN 347 ton brig 1826 George Gilley James Allanshaw

John McMaster

St.Andrews sold Liverpool
CERES 255 ton brig 1863 not identified John and Simeon Leonard,Robert Wilson Deer Island abandoned at sea 1876
COMPACT 98 ton sch 1816 not identified John Mcneill Deer Island sold Cork,Ireland


CORNELIA 45 ton sch 1838 Stephen Fountain builder,John W Fountain,Geo Fountain,Josiah Henry Deer Island sold Guyana1841
CROWN 339 ton brig 1824 Coburn Cummings Chas Hathaway Deer Island sold Greenock

Scotland 1825

DIANA 4? Ton sch 1835 Wiliam W Frankland Edward Frankland Grand Manan broken up, no date
DISPATCH 200 ton brig 1820 not identified Cadwaller Curry


Deer Island sold Grenada 1827
DISPATCH 84 ton sch 1824 John Ingalls John Ingalls jr,

Philip Ingalls,

Philip Newton Daniel Gatcomb

Grand Manan not known
EAGLE 75 ton sch 1836 Charles D Wilcox builder Grand Manan not known
ECHO 53 ton sch 1827 William Cummings Cadwaller Curry


Deer Island lost Bay of Fundy 1830
ELIZA 110 ton sch 1832 Charles.D Wilcox James Card, Charles Card of Newport

Silas Card GM

Grand Manan presumed lost register closed 1866
ELIZABETH ANN 395 ton barque 1826 John Patterson same Campobello not known
EMELINE 134 ton brig't 1835 Josiah Winchester

Richard Foster

Alexander Grant


Grand Manan lost
ENTERPRISE 45 ton sch 1823 John Davidson Alexander Gray Grand Manan lost
EXILE 112 ton sch 1840 Charles Wilcox Charles Wilcox

Stephen and Celson Card

Grand Manan sold Cork,Ireland
FRANCES MARY 3?? ton barque 1825 John Patterson Robert Mackie


Campobello abandoned at sea
FRIENDS ADVENTURE 60 ton sch 1802 not identified Levi and Tristen Ring,Saint John Campobello not known
HEBE 160 ton brig 1837 Richard Foster Alexander,William & Archibald Grant


Grand Manan wrecked Cape Breton


HELEN GRAY 286 ton brig 1825 Coburn Cumings Cadwaller Curry

William Mabee

Deer Island wrecked Florida 1833
HENRY ARNOT 245 ton barque 1824 Willam Cummings James Frink

Cadwaller Curry

Deer Island sold Liverpool 1825
HEROINE 51 ton sch 1832 Seth Vanner Oliver and Warren Wooster Grand Manan
HIGHLANDER 251 ton brig 1823 Coburn Cummings Angus Mckenzie,John Robertson, Saint John Deer Island sold Liverpool 1823
HIRAM 119 ton brig 1811 not identified John Bigelow Campobello sold 1813 Shelburne,NS
HOPE 332 ton brig 1826 Coburn Cummings John Wilson


Deer Isand wrecked Irish coast 1826
HURON 499 on barque 1841 William Cummings Lachlan Cameron


St.Patrick sold Liverpool 1861
INDIAN QUEEN 123 ton brig't 1825 John Townsend James and John Chaffey West Isles West Isles wrecked Bahamas no date
INDIAN CHIEF 127 ton brig 1820 not identified James and John Chaffey,Indian Island Indian Island sold to Chas Hathaway 1825
INDUSTRY 45 ton sch 1816 not identified John Ingalls Grand Manan lost no details
JAMES 49 ton sch 1825 John Patch James Wilson Sr and Jr.,William Ludlow,John Leonard Campobello sold Barbados 1825
JOHN 52 ton sch 1833 Joseph Gardner William Curry Grand Manan not known
JOHN and MARY 83 ton sch 1827 Josiah Winchester Wilford Fisher Grand Manan sold Belfast Ireland
JOHN 42 ton sch 1826 John Davidson John Kent Sr.&Jr.

sold 1836 Chas D Card and Susannah Kent

Grand Manan Burned no date
JOSEPH HAM 136 ton brig't 1833 Andrew Merrill same until 1838 Grand Manan wrecked Mt.Desert 1850
JULIA 154 ton brig 1833 Nathaniel Doggett William Curry


Grand Manan lost, no date
L'ATTIRAIL 57 ton sch 1827 George Harvey James and John Chaffey Indian Island disappeared

no date

LADY COMBERMERE 222 ton 1818 John Patterson

Indian Island

Indian Island sold Liverpool 1819
LADY SHERBROOKE 100 ton sch 1816 not identified John McNeill Charlotte Co. lost 1825
LADY DOUGLAS 198 ton brig 1826 William Cummings John Mckenney Deer Island sold Newry,Ire 1838
LONG ISLAND TRAVELLER 41 ton sch 1856 not identified Nelson Ingersoll Grand Manan wrecked Shepody River 1882
LORD NELSON 50 ton sch 1818 not identified Oliver Wooster Grand Manan lost 1819
MADONNA 569 ton barque 1839 George Gilley James Allanshaw St.Patrick sold Glasgow, Scotland 1840
MARIA 119 ton brig't 1835 not identified Caleb and Henry Benson Grand Manan lost at sea

no details

MARINER 72 TON SCH 1832 Henry Benson Henry and Caleb Benson Grand Manan lost 1858, no details
MARY & CATHERINE 89 ton sch 1820 not identified Richard Ferris 1824 Deer Island not known
MARY & WEMYSA 147 ton brig 1830 Robert Hunter John Murray Campobello not known
MARY 43 ton sch 1811 not identified George and Elisha Case,D.I. Grand Manan end not known
MILLMAN 274 ton brig 1832 George Gilley James Allanshaw

John McMaster

St.Patrick sold Belfast,Ire.


NEILLY 220 ton barque 1855 not identified John Robinson Campobello sold London,Eng 1856
OPHELIA 85 ton brig't 1836 John Starr John Starr

John C Newcomb

Grand Manan condemned as unseaworthy

1840 Barbados

OTTER 49 ton sch 1825 William Cummings Cadwaller Curry


Deer Island lost 1836

Bay of Fundy

PACIFIC 241 ton brig 1812 not identified John Waterbury

John Curry,James Hanfs,St.John

Grand Manan sold Jamaica 1813
PAPOOSE 61 ton sch 1822 not identified Charles Guay(?)

John Sherlock

West Isles condemned Bermuda 1828
PRIMROSE 56 ton sch 1833 Joel Ingersoll John Ingalls,Sam and Edmund Cheney Grand Manan not known
RAMBLER 78 ton sch 1839 Henry Benson Joseph McFarland

Henry Benson

Grand Manan not known
REINDEER 72 ton sch 1821 not identified Coburn Cummings West Isles presumed lost, no date
RETRIEVE 52 ton sch 1828 Coburn Cummings Coburn Cummings West Isles wrecked Brier Is.NS
S.W.Young 200 ton brig't 1866 not identified

prob Fishers

Angus and John Fisher,Levi Young,George Grimmer St.Patrick lost prior to 1876
SAINT CROIX 58 ton sch 1836 not identified Daniel Murphy

Nehemiah Marks

Robert Lindsay

Grand Manan sold Jamaica 1838
SAINT JOHN 102 ton sch 1826 Sylvanus Appleby Cadwaller Curry,


Deer Island lost no details
SARAH ANN 61 ton sch 1830 Abel Ingersoll Wilford Fisher Grand Manan not known
SARAH GLASS 85 ton sch 1867 not identified William and Robert Glass St.Patrick broken up 1890
SEA FLOWER 51 ton sch 1817 not identified not known Grand Manan owned NFLD 1821
SPERMACCTI 412 ton sch 1834 William Cummings William Curry


Deer Island sold Liverpool 1835
SPORTSMAN 295 ton brig 1825 George Kelly James Allenshaw

John Mcmaster

St.Patrick sold Liverpool 1826
STANDARD 551 ton barque 1840 James Allenshaw James Allenshaw St.Patrick sold Liverpool 1841
STAR 56 ton sch 1821 not identified Charles Hathaway Western Isles presumed lost

register closed1866


name unclear may be LAUNA

126 ton sch 1860 not identified Lorenzo Wilson


Campobello disappeared Portland, Me 1862
SUPERIOR 294 ton brig 1820 not identified Warren hathaway Deer Island sold Liverpool 1824
SUSAN MORTON 46 ton sch 1822 not identified William Young


Campobello sold Quebec
TEN SISTERS 50 ton sch 1816 not identified Harry Peters

Stephen Wiggins

Grand Manan sold Jamaica 1819
THOMAS PARKER 98 ton brig't 1835 Richard Foster Calvin Valpey Grand Manan sold Dublin,Ire 1840
THOMAS WYER 52 ton sch 1825 Coburn Cummings Coburn Cummings

John Appleby

Deer Island sold Montego Bay 1839
TRINIDAD 270 ton brig 1839 William Cummings John McKenney Deer Island abandoned at sea 1846
TWO SONS 51 ton sch 1822 not identified John Watters Deer Island not known
TWO BROTHERS 49 ton sch 1825 John Randell Caleb Benson Grand Manan presumed lost pre 1866
VICTOR 147 ton brig 1844 Seth Vanner John Alexander

Wilford and Wilfird J Fisher

Grand Manan sold Glasgow, Scotland 1845
VICTORY 107 ton sch 1825 Joel Ingersoll Wilford Fisher

Richard Card, NS

Grand Manan wrecked Liverpool,NS 1842
WANDERER 131 ton brig't 1845 Henry Benson Henry Benson Jr.

John Benson

Grand Manan sold Dublin,Ireland1856
WELLINGTON 82 ton sch 1821 not identified Cadwaller Curry Campobello sold Antigua


WILLIAM WALKER 68 ton sch 1833 William Cummings original owner unknown,sold to Peter Smith

St.Andrews 1838

Deer Island lost 1845
ZEPHYR 216 ton brig 1839 George Gilley James Allanshaw St.Patrick sold Liverpool, Eng 1840

The above information taken from National Archives films # C378, C397, C380, C382, C391, C398, C379, C385, C2413, C2414, C2415, C2416, C2418, C2419, C3652, C2454, C3649, C2073, C3653, C3654, C3655, C3748, and transcribed by Stanley Spicer on index cards. These cards were then photocopied and transcribed by Karen Small in October 2000, with permission from Grand Manan Archives and Stanley Spicer. A copy of this work is on file in GM Archives.