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The Old Kouchibouguac Cemetery
"Williams Cemetery"

-transcribed  by Deborah MacDonald Hale
-additions and alternate dates from research of
Maurice Robichaud, Cape St. Louis, NB E0A 2Z0

The Old Kouchibouguac Cenmetery stands on land that is now part of
Kouchibouguac National Park.
The site, now enclosed by woods, was situated beside the Catholic Chapel,
which was destroyed by firebefore the turn of the century.
When a new church was built, further up the river, the old cemetery was
abandoned.  A few stones remain, propped up against trees,
but the majority have been claimed by the forest.
At the time of transcription by Deborah Hale, only 12 stones were in evidence,
the oldest dating back to the 1850's.

GRANT, Henry d 3 Jun  1844  ae  63 yrs
( research of Maurice Robichaud Generations Issue 51 Mar 1992)
his wife:   Alice  d 13 Oct 1871  ae  78 yrs

RYNE, Bridget  died April 6 1880  aged 70
wife of Moses RYNE

RUSSELL, Vincent  died Mar 9 ( 1854 )  aged 68 ( age 63 -M. Robichaud)
dau:  ____  d Jun   ae 23 yrs ( M. Robichaud)

LAMKEY, John  died Nov 30 1858  aged 45

(?), E. R..

McINNES, John  died June 22 1858  aged 57

HARRINGTON, Patrick (?)  d 10 Aug 1858  ae 63 yrs
( wording unreadable)

LAMBKIE, John  died June 4 1860  age 72 yrs
Native of Prussia

LAMKEY, Debora  died Oct 6 1850  aged 50
wife of John LAMKEY

LAMKIE, Mary  died Aug 14 1854  aged 22
( transcribed also as 14 Aug 1851- by M.Robichaud) see Generations Issue 51  March 1992
wife of William LAMKIE

McAULEY, Ellen  died Aug 29 1854  aged 27
wife of Joseph MCAULEY
( small print A.R. Andres, Dorchester, NB  /carver?)

ALLEN, Judith  died May 30 1871  aged 58
wife of John ALLEN

STEWART, Alexander  died Sept 1 1873  aged 76
his wife:
McNEIL, Margaret  died Dec 14 1874  aged 67
their daughter:
STEWART, Catherine  died June 1 1876  aged 31

McINTYRE, Nancy ( Stewart)  d 31 Oct 1879  ae 40 yrs ( M Robichaud)

This cemetery was researched by Maurice Robichaud, and submitted to
Generations Issue 51  Mar 1992 and can be found on page 61

Reproduced with the kind permission of Researcher/Author: Deborah MacDonald Hale .

Please notify me of any errors/corrections
( or if you know your family member is buried in this cemetery and not listed)

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