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Kings County GenWeb 
New Brunswick - Canada


  • Map of Saint John, Kings, Queens & Sunbury Counties  (Road Map / showing some surrounding areas)
  • Map 1 = Kings County = Westfield Parish - Woodman Point, Belyea Pt. and Morrisdale areas extends down river to Ephworth Park (Westfield Centre) West side of River, and corresponding area on the opposite side of the Saint John River
  • Map 2 = Kings County = Westfield Parish - a continuation of Map #1, moved west so that one half of Map #1 is showing.
  • Map 3 = Kings County = Greenwich Parish - along the River from above Greenwich Hill, down river to Public Landing (sits on top of Map #1)
  • Map 4 = Queens & Kings Counties = Both sides of the County Line - Gagetown & Petersville Parishes Westfield & Greenwich Parishes  ?? (sits on top of map. #2 / to the west of map #3)
  • The New Brunswick GenWeb Site, has a page that gives a brief outline of the value of maps.
  • Map of New Brunswick on home page of the NB GenWeb site, showing county structure 
  • Queens and Kings Counties Map  Is an old map over 100 years old and origin is unknown (sorry it is missing the western part of the county) but it also has most of Queens County.
  • Maps-Parishes of Kings County - and a second version -
  • Kars -
RS686 Index to Land Grants at UNB is located on the University of New Brunswick's Web Site, but a search engine is available on the Provincial Archives of New Brunswick site.

Grant Maps of Kings County (These maps are in bmp format at the present time)

see Hammond Parish for a Gazetteer of Kings County created by the Coordinator of that Parish - Chris Greer. (in progress)

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Modern Provincial Electoral Districts For details of its boundaries, go to and search on the string "32 SAINT JOHN-KINGS".
It includes "the Town of Rothesay, the Village of Fairvale, the Village of East
Riverside-Kingshurst, the Village of Renforth, and a portion of The City of Saint John." Info from Craig Walsh from the NB Mailing list!