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    The first group in the index below contains items of general interest to the entire County (and occasionally the province of New Brunswick at large).
    The next sections are divided into Family groups, Vital Statistics group and the rest is separated into individual geographic areas - the Parishes, of which there are 15.
    Some of these Parishes have individual coordinators, who have websites set up off this main site. All data from the other Parish websites has now been "brought home" due to the lack of coordinators able to devote the time needed to maintain them.
    (All GenWeb positions are filled by volunteers, and life sometimes gets in the way of our desires to be of help to others. We thank those who have helped in the past, their efforts have been appreciated.)
General Items:
Biographies and Family Histories & Photos
Vital Statistics
Parish Records
Cardwell Parish  - set off in 1874 from Sussex
Greenwich Parish - set off from Kingston in 1795
Hammond Parish - set off in 1858 from Upham with alterations in 1874
Hampton Parish  - set off parts of Sussex & Kingston in 1795
Havelock Parish - set off from Sussex 1845
Kars Parish - set off in 1859 from Kingston
Kingston Parish - one of the 4 original parishes
Norton Parish - set off from Kingston in 1795 - coordinator Linda Lowe
Rothesay Parish - set off in 1870 from Hampton 
Springfield Parish - one of the 4 original parishes, included part of Studholm, all of Havelock and was reduced to present size in 1899 - coordinator Colleen Hammond
Studholm Parish - set off in 1840 with Havelock - coordinator Barbara McInerney-Tamlyn
Sussex Parish - one of the 4 original parishes. It first included Rothesay, Upham, parts of Norton, Hampton, Hammond and Studholm 
Upham Parish - set off from Hampton. Included Hammond. Altered to present size in 1897
Waterford Parish - Set off in 1874 from Sussex - coordinator Chris Greer
Westfield Parish - one of the 4 original parishes, it was altered slightly in 1795, but remains much the as formed

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