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For anyone searching for information, please send me a note at I will endeavor to do my best to point you in the right direction or find information myself. As this is time consuming, please be patient and remember that this position is a volunteer position and I may not be able to respond right away. There are links on the site that give the addresses to free sites that I have frequented in the past six years.

Remember that the Parishes are usually the best source of information for individuals as they have old records of births, deaths and marriages that may not show up in the Provincial Archives. There may be a fee with the Parishes but it well worth the cost in the end.


For anyone wanting a look up for the 1851 Census, please contact Linda - her email address is Linda also has a book pertaining to the Black River area, called The Black River Settlers and another entitled The Old North Esk. Linda is willing to share information with those in need.

Mr William Romanski has offered to do look ups for the 1851 census. Bill also has a publication entitled Dictionary of Miramichi Biography by W. D. Hamilton and is willing to do lookups for folks from this as well. His email address is Thanks William!