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Charlotte County, New Brunswick

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Just A Common Soldier
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ANGUS, Thomas Anderson "Ton", DFC & Bar, RCAF (d. 16 June 2005)
BALLINGGER, Edward John, MiD, RCAF (d. May 2009)
BIRDING, Frederick Noel, RNZAF (d. 23 September 1995)
BENNETT, Richard Neil "Gus", RCAF (d. January 2016)
BRONSON, Lewis Lee "Lew", RCAF (d. 16 January 2013)
COBURN, Graham Willoughby "Sandy", DFC, RCAF (d. 06 August 2009)
COTTINGTON, Guy, RCAF (d. 30 September 1999)
COULTON, Thomas Manning "Tom":, RCAF (d. 12 April 2006)
CROSS, Ewen Melvin, RCAF (d. 21 March 2015)
EMMOTT, Alan Bernard, RCAF (d. 20 September 2010)
ESTEY, Jack Burton, MiD, RCAF (d. 18 April 2007)
GORDON, Hedley Goodyear "Doc", RCAF (d. 06 February 2009)
HAWTIN, John Arthur "Art", POW, RCAF (d. 09 December 2014)
HENRY, Walter Dixon "Walt", RCAF (d. 17 July 2014)
HICKSON, Donald Douglas "Don", RCAF (d. 26 February 2016)
HOLLINGSHEAD, Gordon Harvey, RCAF (d. 12 October 2012)
JEWETT, Alden "LLoyd", RCAF (d. 01 January 2015)
JUSTASON, Ian Franklin, RCA (d. 25 January 2016)
LEAVITT, Lloyd Hazen, RCAF (d. 07 June 2016)
McCLELLAND, Richard Charles "Dick", DFC & Bar, RCAF (d. 10 June 2015)
McGILL, Harold Warren "Harry", RCAF (d. 07 April 2013)
MILLMAN, Peter MacKenize, RCAF (d. 11 December 1990)
PENNELL, The Hon. Mr. Justice Lawrence Terrance, RCAF (d. 09 August 2008)
PIERCE, Eric Manford, DFC, RCAF (d. 26 February 2011)
ROBINSON, Maurice Swailes, RCAF (d. 05 December 2014)
ROGERS, George Alexander, RCAF (d. 02 October 2008)
RUSSELL, Herbert John Campbell, RAF & RCAF (d. 30 September 2011)
SMITH, George Vivian, RAAF (d. 17 December 2015)
SPEAR, David James, CD (d. 26 November 2015)
STEVENSON, Frederick William "Fred", RCAF (d. 21 June 2016)
TAMBLYN, Charles Water Dearness, RCAF (d. 10 April 2005)
TAPLEY, Colin Edward Livingstone, RNZAF (d. 01 December 1995)
WEBB, Edward Joseph "Ted", RAFVR (d. 04 October 2015)
WESTALL, Robert Allan "Bob", RCAF (d. 28 March 2006)
WINCHESTER, Sidney Arthur, RCAF (d. 19 March 2010)
WISTED, Leo Thomas, RCAF (d. 25 April 2016)

Left to Right: Sam Shapton (1920-2010); Ken Harrison (d. 2011); Hank Hastings (1923-2010) and Ed Bass
~All Veterans of No.34 OTU, Pennfield Ridge~

"The Historica-Dominion Institute says the average age of Canada's 125,000 remaining Second World War veterans is 88 years. They are passing away at a rate of 400 to 500 a week, meaning that in another five years or so, all but the hardiest of Canada's 1.1 million Second World War vets will be gone."
SOURCE: The Canadian Press - November 11, 2010.

~Hold It High (John Babcock Passes The Torch)~
~The Veteran On Our Ten Dollar Bill~
~The Final Inspection~
~"V" for Victory Nickels~

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Pennfield, an original parish in Charlotte County, is located in the southeastern part of Charlotte County (see #14 on map below). The southern border is Passamaquoddy Bay, on the east is Lepreau Parish, on the north of Clarendon Parish, and is the west is St. George Parish.

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