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Local Blacksmith & Early Entrepreneur

by G. Christian Larsen

Enie, Laura & Simone (w/o Lyle Justason)

Enie & Laura


    Enos Colin Justason was born March 17, 1870 and raised in Pennfield near New Road Hill (across from Trynorís Cove) - son of Capt. Gideon Justason & Jane Thompson. Enie, as he was commonly known, is best remembered or most noted as a blacksmith for the Pennfield area. His expertise is said to have brought customers from as far away as Woodstock to have their horses shod.

    On September 23, 1894, Enie was united in marriage at Christ Church in Pennfield to Mary Elizabeth Saye. Mary was born November 27, 1869 in Pennfield Ridge to John Henry Saye (a cabinet maker from England) & Elizabeth Tatton. After their union Enie & Mary took up residence in Pennfield Ridge (near the current Post Office). It was here their oldest child Alverna Inez would be born. By 1896 they relocated to a residence on Pennfield Corner (across from the General Store). It was here were they would raise their children & Enie would engage in the blacksmith trade. The children born to them during this time were Lois Evelyn; Marion Elizabeth; Franklin Edward (Frank); Lawrence Saye (Lawry); Lysle Irving (Lyle); Cameron Enos and John Kenneth (Ken). Their final child Carson would be born in the Spinney residence located a short distance away.

    Enie & Mary spent 17 years together before the year 1911 struck with a deadly toll. It all began on February 27th around 5 pm. when their residence burnt to the ground, and after the fire the family took refuge in the Baptist Parsonage on the Beaver Harbour Road. On May 19th, Enie and family moved into the Spinney residence on Pennfield Corner. Two days later his wife gave birth, but sadly both the child & Mary would die from the perils of premature childbirth before months end. The child, Carson Albert, died at 4 pm. May 21st, and Mary at 3:15 am May 31st. On September 7th his second oldest child, 14 year old Lois Evelyn, succumbed to meningitis. Enie pulled his life back together, remarried, and continued on with his blacksmith trade.

    Enieís second wife was Laura E. Boyd. Laura was born December 4, 1873 to John Boyd & Eliza Ann McKay of Pennfield Ridge. Laura was a nurse who many people in & around the Pennfield area made use of her talents. Laura had gone to Boston, MA for her nursing training & while in residence there, she and Enie went down to RI and were united in marriage on October 2, 1912. Two children were born from this union, namely Louis Arnold and James Alexander.

Back Row (left to right): James A. (Jimmy) Justason (1916-1982), Louis A. Justason (1913-2004), J. Kenneth (Ken) Justason (1909-2002)
Front Row (left to right): Cameron E. Justason (1907-1994), Laura, Enie, Marion (Lambert) Justason (1908-1987) (Ken's wife).

    Enie departed this life October 8, 1961 in Moncton, NB and Laura departed this life in October of 1965 in St. Stephen, NB. Both were laid to rest at Christ Church Cemetery in Pennfield, NB.

    Enie is credited with the construction of the Orange Hall. In addition to blacksmithing, we are told that in latter years he tended weir in Seelye's Cove. Also, here in Seelye's Cove he opened a retail store which he stocked with food staples and items needed for building, the fishery and farming. Overall I think itís safe to say that Enie was one of our areaís early entrepreneurs.

Author's notes: I would like to thank the late J. Kenneth Justason for sharing details about his parents with me. Although it was over 80 years since the events of 1911 that had shaped his father's life, you could tell, even though Ken was only 2, it had a large impact on his life as well. Also, I would like to thank J. Vance Justason, youngest child of James A. & E. Pauline (Gray) Justason, for providing additional details about his grandfather.

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