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Faith In The Business
Faith Borthwick's Love Of Lobsters Is In Her Blood

Back Bay - Faith Borthwick, owner of the R&M Fish Shack on the Back Bay Road comes by her love of lobsters honestly.

    Faith's father is Everett Mitchell  who has been involved in the business for over forty years, operating out of St. George and now Back Bay.

    Faith's direct involvement started when her brother, Michael Mitchell, who sells lobsters out of Alma, New Brunswick, under the name Collins Lonsters, asked her to talk with the fisherman and buy lobsters locally for his business.

    Faith had experience running a clam plant for Sandy Dewar and realized the job would only take a few hours a day so she agreed to do it.

    Now what began as a small task has become her passion - and it shows.

Faith Borthwick with two of the large lobsters in her live tank.

    Faith is exuberant as she takes care of customers obviously getting a great deal of pleasure out of her work.

    "We have one motto here," she says, "What we don't eat we won't sell."

    It has been over ten years now and what started with one freezer and a fish tank has blossomed into a strong business that enjoys a clientele from across North America - Wisconsin, California, Florida.

    To emphasize the point a couple from Ontario drop buy to purchase seafood. Faith sells halibut, haddock, sole, pollock and lobsters. The couple, Bill and Virginia Altoft, come from Welland Port, Ontario and are regulars at Faith's shop whenever they are in town. Many visitors take seafood back with them from vacation or have it shipped. "We ship anywhere in North America," says Faith.

Bill & Virginia Altoft of Welland Port, Ontario with Faith.

    Faith has two children Raylene, 13 and Mitchell, 10.

    The R&M Fish Shack is open seven days a week year round. You may reach Faith by phone 755-6560 or you are welcome to drop in at 740 Route 172 in Back Bay.

    Be sure to ask if you can hold one of the live lobsters. The claws are plugged so they can't hurt you.

    In the early years when business was slow Faith would 'winkle', gather periwinkles and sell them to make ends meet. She doesn't have to do that anymore. Faith's faith in lobsters has paid off.

SOURCE: Homeport News (Volume 3, Issue 14) - July 20, 2006.

NOTE: Faith is the daughter of Pamela (Justason) Mitchell who was born in Blacks Harbour, NB to the late Robert G & Patricia E (Connors) Justason.

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