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Postmistress calls it quits after 28 years of devoted service
BEAVER HARBOUR - After 28 years as postmistress here Florence Hawkins has sold her last posted stamp. She retired on Friday and there was open house at the post office all day.

    There was a cake - appropriately in the shape of a letter made by Joyce MacQuarrie - and coffee for anyone who dropped in to give Hawkins their best wishes throughout the day.

    As a staff of one at the little post office, she was responsible for the mail of about 200 householders. With no rural delivery in the area everyone had to drop in to pick up their mail so Hawkins knows them all.

    When she first began to work in 1967 the post office was located at nearby Connors Bros. Ltd. The present building opened in May, 1968.

    Born and brought up in Beaver Harbour, her home is only a few minutes away from the post office and she said it was good to be so handy while her three children were growing up.

    "Until I worked at the post office I was a wife and mother and didn't work outside the home. I just happened to be in the right place at the right time when the job came up."

    Now that she will have some free time on her hands, Hawkins said she would like to do some volunteer work in the community. She is a member of the Blacks Harbour Athletic Association and is also involved in work with the Wesleyan Church.

    "I am sure I will find lots to do, I'll just play it by ear for the time being and enjoy my freedom for a few weeks. Maybe after the New Year I will become more involved in things."

    Hawkins admits she will miss the people she has seen every day coming to get their mail or to buy their stamps. "You get to know everybody when you work in the post office."

    Her successor has not yet been named.

SOURCE: The Saint Croix Courier (Tuesday, December 5, 1995) - written by permission.

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