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Carrier of Month enjoys freedom, independence her job offers

PENNFIELD - Lisa Acebedo starts her work day while the majority of people in her community are slumbering.

Acebedo wakes up every day between 3 and 4 a.m. to deliver copies of the Telegraph-Journal to 140 homes and businesses in Pennfield. She was recently named Carrier of the Month by the newspaper for the quality of her work and service.

Acebedo said she was thrilled to learn she'd been selected as Carrier of the Month and was quick to thank her co-workers, Lawrence Halpert and Roger Comeau.

For her work and dedication, Acebedo will receive movie passes and a plaque commemorating her win.

"I guess I never really put a lot of thought into that kind of thing, but it made me stop and think about my job and how I appreciate it and how someone would take the time to appreciate me back," she said.

Acebedo said she likes her job because it gives her the opportunity to get creative, have some job freedom and work independently.

"I just prefer to be creative in my own way. ... It's always nice to work for yourself because you can get creative and you can see the fruit of your work when do you," she said.

The carrier said she is always looking for new ways to introduce the paper to her existing and potential customers.

Acebedo also writes in her spare time. She wrote a story about the highlights of a usual work day for her.

In her story, Acebedo mentioned Greg, or the "night rider," as she dubbed him, who delivers the papers from the printing press in Moncton, the friendly sounds of the early morning, the pets at homes who sound their greetings and her enthusiastic customers.

"I like the freedom this job offers me, the uncrowded open road, the independence of responsibility and the smiles of a lot of great people," she wrote, later adding how much she appreciates the customers she visits.

SOURCE: New Brunswick Telegraph-Journal (Saint John, NB) - July 17, 2010.

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