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Various Photographs - Beaver Harbour


Beaver Harbour (Willie Barry's house on the right).

Beaver Harbour wharves.

Beaver Harbour wharf looking towards "The Head".

BHCV Ltd. Collection
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Pile Driver

Sunrise in Sea Smoke (Jan 26, 2007)

Boats snuggle on cold morning (Jan 26, 2007)

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Shore Road

Remnants of old factory

Beaver Harbour Wharf

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Winter from top of Pennroyal Hill

Beaver Harbour Lighthouse

Beaver Harbour Wharf

Construction for the new wharf (2006)

Construction for the new wharf (2006)

View of salmon cages from top of "The Head"

View of Beaver Harbour from top of "The Head" (2006)


Drilling to set charges for blasting (2006) 

Arial View of Beaver Harbour

Beaver Harbour

On the banks of the Bay of Fundy
Where sardines won great fame
Stands a quiet little village
Beaver Harbour by name.

In the homes are many people
With loving hearts so dear
And with eager hands to help you
If troubleís ever near.

We have a light house in the harbour
With its beacon bright as day
And is ever there to guide you
Should you not find the way.

In the little country school house
Scarred and worn now by the years
Hold for us so many memories
Of our happy times and tears.

Itís a friendly little village
With its church upon the hill
And on Sunday folks all gather
That is the Fatherís will.

Some have gone but left behind them
Memories death canít take away
In the quite little church yard
Where they rest in peace today.

Years for us are swiftly passing
And for all will come the day
When weíll go to meet our loved ones
Who have left and gone away.

So weíll tread the road before us
With a true and honest heart
And when that great day cometh
We never more shall part.

Safely anchored in the harbour
Each boat and captain there
As the golden sun is setting
Come to us a silent pray.

God above do guide and keep us
Ever in Thy loving care
And when we anchor in Thy haven
May each one of us be there.

Composed by: Esther Maye Wright (1914-1993)
Used by permission: P. Dale Wright (son).

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