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Updated May 13, 2016

    This page is dedicated to the memories and preservation of the rich military history of Pennfield Parish. If you have any photographs and/or stories that you would like to share on these pages, please let me know.

Pennfield Parish Military Historical Society is gathering and compiling a detailed history on the Pennfield Ridge Air Station; A-30 Canadian Infantry Centre, CA (Camp Utopia) and Pennfield Parish veterans.

Since 2009 Pennfield Parish Military Historical Society has been hosting an annual memorial services to remember those who served at Pennfield Ridge Air Station and Camp Utopia.

~Airfield Veterans Remembered~

Anyone willing to share stories, photographs, etc. are asked to please contact me at:


Pennfield Parish Military Historical Society
c/o G. Christian Larsen
14 Mealey Road
Pennfield, NB
E5H 0B1
(506) 456-3494

Specializing in research since September 1989.

~In Memory of~
N. Blanchard Justason who received all of his advanced training at Camp Utopia (1945);

A. Malcolm McNevan, Veteran, friend and mentor, who was a bombing instructor at Pennfield Ridge Air Station (1943-1944).
J. David Stuart, Veteran, friend, mentor, founding member of "Charlotte County War Memorial Committee (2005)" and N.C.O. in charge of The Orderly Room (office) at No.2 ANS and No.2 OTU at Pennfield Ridge Air Station (1941-1942).

~We can never forget, because you define who we are.~

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Then join the group...Pennfield Parish Military Historical Society.

Camp Utopia (A-30 Canadian Infantry Training Centre,CA)

Pennfield Ridge Air Station

Veterans (Remembering Those Who Served)

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