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Pennfield Ridge Air Station


Jan 14th LLOYD, Louis, age 37 (Crow Harbour, NB)
"            " McCULLOUGH, Allan John, age 40 (St. Andrews, NB)
Jan 15th McCARTHY, John James "Jack", age 41 (Fairville, NB)

TRANSCRIBER'S NOTES: "Three members of a crew of the New Brunswick Electric Power Commission who were employed at Pennfield lost their lives as the result of injuries sustained when a truck in which they were riding to their boarding house overturned at Pennfield Ridge late Tuesday afternoon."

August 21st WAYCOTT, George Edmund "Buddy", age 32 (St. George)

TRANSCRIBER'S NOTES: "A crew of men of the Airways Service Branch of the Department of Transport of the Airport, Pennfield, were assisting the men of the N.B. Electric Power Co. to transfer a reel of cable, weighing approximately four tons, from the C.P.R. siding to the airport at Pennfield, when the derrick broke, a "stiff leg" striking Buddy and killing him instantly."

April 14th STEWART, Percy Allen, age 53 (L'Etang, NB)

TRANSCRIBER'S NOTES: "The sudden death of Percy Stewart on Wednesday last came as a great shock to his many friends here and throughout Charlotte County. He was taken ill while at his work at the Airport, Pennfield, and died in the Hospital there, after an illness of an hour."

September 2nd MULLEN, Michael Edwin "Eddy", age 50 (St. George, NB)
TRANSCRIBER'S NOTES: "Relatives and friends here in the Province were deeply grieved to hear of the sudden death of Michael Edwin Mullen at his home early Saturday morning. Mr. Mullen, although not very strong, seemed in good health having been at his work at the airport, Pennfield, the day before."

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