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Nominal Roll No.22 Air Observers Course
17 August 1941-15 September 1941

Transcribed by G. Christian Larsen

Air Observers


R/66126 ALEO, Sgt. Joseph Niagara Falls, ON
R/67129 AYLSWORTH, Sgt. Alan Bowen St. George, ON
R/71927 BLATCHFORD, Sgt. Ross Thomas Toronto, ON
R/77107 COHEN, Sgt. Sydney Joshua Joseph  
R/63039 DAVIS, Sgt. Lewis Glendon  
R/63037 ESTEY, Sgt. Jack Burton Fredericton, NB
R/61980 GLUSTIEN, Sgt. Aaron New Waterford, NS
R/77094 GREEN, Sgt. Geoffrey William  

JOHNSON, Sgt. Harlow Eugene Baton Rouge, LA
R/72140 MacKAY, Sgt. William Leslie Toronto, ON
R/78574 MacKENZIE, Sgt. Alexander Gerald Lucknow, ON
R/60569 MARTIN, Sgt. Eld "James" Forestburg, AB
R/77282 McKAY, J.H. "Jack" Montreal, PQ
R/50378 MORRELL, Sgt. Gordon Lloyd  
R/75135 NOWOSAD, Sgt. August Vonda, SK
R/58525 PALLAS, Sgt. Thomas Ernest  
R/77296 ROBERTSON, Sgt. D.J. Cornwall, ON
GB1058228 STREET, Sgt. Sidney Oldham, England
R/58452 WOODHAMS, Sgt. George Thomas John Huronville, SK
Denotes those who have been reported killed or missing in action.
Sgts. S. Street & G.T.J. Woodhams were killed during a search and rescue mission for Anson 2397 near Liverpool, NS on 25 August 1941.

18-8-41: Course "22" commenced with 39 Trainees.
19-8-41: Rain - Very Poor Visibility - No Flying.
20-8-41: Dull in A.M. but gradually cleared - P.M. Fine - Good Visibility - No Night Flying.

21-8-41: No Night Flying - Airmen given an extra hour in evening to attend exhibition at St. Stephen as guests of the Exhibition Company.

22-8-41: All serviceable Aircraft flying on P.M. on Navigation Exercises.
23-8-41: Fog and low ceiling. All flying washed out for the day.

25-8-41: Anson A/C No.2397 overdue at 0315 hrs. Crew: Captain F/O Barneson, Radio operator R84248 Douglas, D.B., navigator R77282 Sgt. McKay, J.H. Sgt. observers, Robertson, D.J. and Martin, E.J. Subsequent signal from Command Controller via Milledeville airport to the effect that all crew bailed out, after running out of gas near Liverpool, N.S. All subsequently reported safe, one of crew suffering injuries to arm by hitting tail of plane on bailing out. The aircraft was totally wrecked. Reason of accident was that it was lost.

Before crew of this aircraft reported safe another Anson was sent out from this station as part of a searching party, being Anson "2388" in charge of F. Lt. Smallman. This craft while near Liverpool, N.S. suddenly crashed to the ground and burned, with all the crew killed. Headquarters and next of kin were notified and all regulations in respect to Flying accidents complied with. Those killed were: F. Lt. Smallman, R.A.F. "39003", AC1 Eliott, G.F. (WOG "C"), R60107, Sgt. S. Street, GB1058228, Air Observer, Sgt. Woodhams, G.T.J., R58453, Air Observer.

Another Anson A/C, No.2352, also made a forced landing at Yarmouth, N.S. on the same evening, losing its way and being low on gas. No damage to craft or occupants.

F. Lt. Hone and P/O Johnston proceeded by Anson to scene of the crashes to make the necessary investigation. Anson No.2397 not, as yet, located and searching parties out, under the direction of the R.C.M.P. authorities at Yarmouth.

A very "blue" Monday.

27-8-41: Weather fine. Flying exercises during day and night.
28-8-41: Navigation exercises to Montreal successfully completed.
29-8-41: Night flying exercises commencing at 2030 hrs. for Montreal. 8 a/c engaged on exercises.
30-8-41: No night flying, due to weather conditions.
1-9-41: Dull, rain, no visibility. All aircraft grounded.
2-9-41: Fine - good flying weather. Navigation exercises during the day. No night flying.
3-9-41: Fine. Flying activity during day. Night exercises for a short time.
4-9-41: Dull, intermittent rains. No night flying.
5-9-41: Rain - cold - no flying activity.
6-9-41: Rain - cleared up in P.M. Night flying scheduled but later washed out when fog started to close in.
7-9-41: Day & night flying exercises.

8-9-41: Day and night flying exercises. Observers Course #22 nearing completion of training - favorable reports on their progress. To leave Station on embarkation leave 13-9-41 if everything on schedule.

9-9-41: Fine in A.M. and P.M. Day navigation exercises. Night flying washed out when fog rolled in at approx. 1900 hours.
10-9-41: Fine with intermittent rains after 1800 hours. Night flying washed out. Day navigation exercises.
11-9-41: Fine. Perfect flying weather. Day & night flying.
12-9-41: Fine - flying day & night exercises.

13-9-41: Sergeant observers course #22 finished - 37 graduated. One killed during course. This class given embarkation leave and to then report to Debert, N.S. Course #22 left at 1500 hrs.

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