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Nominal Roll No.36 Air Observers Course
16 March 1942-13 April 1942 

Air Observers


  BEATTY, Sgt. Walter Milton, ON
R/99328 BELL, Sgt. James David Montreal, PQ
J/16958 BOUDREAU, Sgt. Joseph Hector Campbellton, NB
R/111014 BOWES, Sgt. Allan Carson  
R/85722 CAMPBELL, Sgt. Gordon Ernest Toronto, ON
R/115310 CAMPBELL, Sgt. Robert Whitefield Port Elgin, ON
R/9807 CARRERE, Sgt. Jean Pierre Henri "Johnny" Cochrane, ON
R/108493 CARTER, Sgt. Gordon Henry Francis Bronxville, NY
R/88749 CHAPMAN, Sgt. Robert Alfred Toronto, ON
J/18469 CHARTERS, Sgt. Robert Burns "Bob" Brampton, ON
J/85191 CHRISTMAN, Sgt. D.E. Toronto, ON
R/79358 COOPER, Sgt. Norman Holland  
R/115498 CORRELL, Sgt. John Dunham Toronto, ON
R/101321 CORY, Sgt. Gordon Johnson Vancouver, BC
  CRUIKSHANK, Sgt. U/V/.P. Kirkland Lake, ON
R/102762 CUNNINGHAM, Sgt. John Scott Toronto, ON
R/115406 DEWAR, Sgt. Douglas Robertson Toronto, ON
R/119128 DITCHBURN, Sgt. Francis Henry Toronto, ON
R/97047 DONALDSON, Sgt. John Shallow Lake, ON
R/89997 FARRINGTON, Sgt. Harry Gregory Niagara Falls, ON
R/114072 FLUMERFELT, Sgt. James Beckton  
R/103140 FOX, Sgt. Morgan David Hamilton, ON
R/105495 GARDNER-MEDWIN, Sgt. Alec George Coulson, Surrey, England
  GARNETT, Sgt. William "Bill" Toronto, ON
R/113611 GEARY, Sgt. George Eaton  
R/102851 GEROW, Sgt. Edwin Carleton Brantford, ON
   GIACOMELLI, Sgt. Fritz "Jake" Hamilton, ON
R/89875 GILLIN, Sgt. James William "Bill" Brantford Twsp., ON
R/112542 GILLIN, Sgt. Robert Clark "Bob" Brantford Twsp., ON
R/93443 HAIG, Sgt. Gordon Carruthers Toronto, ON
J/17377 HARDING, Sgt. John Robert "Jack" Windsor, ON
J/16775 HAWKINS, Sgt. John David Clinton, ON
  HENDERSON, Sgt. D.R. Toronto, ON
  HILL, Sgt. R.D. Ottawa, ON
J/17981 HUTCHINSON, Sgt. A.D. Toronto, ON
R/108955 JACKSON, Sgt. Alan Hamilton Simcoe, ON
R/75865 JACKSON, Sgt. Alfred Hillman   Hamilton, ON
R/88329 JANES, Sgt. Albert Josiah Halifax, NS
R/84926 JOHNSON, Sgt. Verdell Clinton  
R/119406 KELLNER, Sgt. Norman Toronto, ON
R/104927 KELLY, Sgt. Patrick Gregory Montreal, PQ
R/98013 KOMAIKO, Sgt. William Kadison Chicago, IL
R/102421 LERNER, Sgt. Arthur Harry  
R/99516 LEWIS, Sgt. John Frederick "Jack" London, ON
  LEYSON, Sgt. David England
R/100512 LONG, Sgt. Clarence Roy Owen Sound, ON
R/96467 LOWANS, Sgt. Edward John "Ted" Gananoque, ON
R/82826 MASSEY, Sgt. Clarence Ames Morganston, ON
R/103101 MATTHEWS, Sgt. John Lamont Port Arthur, ON
R/82506 McLAUGHLIN, Sgt. Robert Alexander  
  MEDLEY, Sgt. J.R. Humber Bay, ON
R/69418 MILLER, Sgt. Gordon Timmins, ON
J/16832 MURPHY, Sgt. Mathew John Falconbridge, ON
R/100587 NEEDLER, Sgt. John Humber Bay, ON
J/104859 O'BRIEN, Sgt. Alexander Alan Verdun, PQ
R/90400 OWEN, Sgt. Brock Laverne Ingersoll, ON
  PLEWMAN, Sgt. C.R. Toronto, ON
R/123260 POLLARD, Sgt. Charles Edward Toronto, ON
R/82995 POWELL, Sgt. David Haynes Barcham Ottawa, ON
R/79423 POWELL, Sgt. Patrick Albert Copper Mountain, BC
J/16407 PROSPERINE, Sgt. Frank Ottawa, ON
J/17379 RATH, Sgt. Frank Windsor, ON
  RUSHTON, Sgt. L. Toronto, ON
R/102787 SCANDIFFIO, Sgt. Thomas Peter Toronto, ON
R/95630 SHAW, Sgt. Gordon Cousins Ottawa, ON
  SMITH, Sgt. J.W. Sudbury, ON
  SOMERS, Sgt. L.J. Cartier, ON
R/93091 TAMBLYN, Sgt. Charles Walter Dearness  
R/64085 TARRISON, Sgt. Maxwell Harry Brantford, ON
R/112697 THOMPSON, Sgt. Walter  
  WAGNER, Sgt. Raoul Belgium
R/99548 WARNER, Sgt. John William London, ON
R/116692 WATSON, Sgt. Laverne Clair Elmira, ON
J/16965 WESTELL, Sgt. Robert Allan Hamilton, ON
R/116570 WILSDON, Sgt. Raymond William Woodstock, ON
R/100528 WILSON, Sgt. William George Cedar Rapids, IA
R/90356 WOODMAN, Sgt. James Donald Milverton, ON
R/79104 ZOEPHEL, Sgt. Peter Charles Little Common, Bexhill-on-Sea, Essex, England
Denotes those who have been reported killed or missing in action.

TRANSCRIBER'S NOTES: 1) 16-3-42: Air Observers Course No.36 Reported in today.
  2) 11-4-42: Course 36 posted and awaiting clearance.
  3) 13-4-42: Course 36 <Number in Class: 132> S.O.S. on posting, granted embarkation leave.

Anyone you can provide names please contact me.

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