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Back Row (all standing) (left to right): Bob Moses, Charlie Thompson, Unknown (behind Charlie), Bob Haggerty, Irwin Greenlaw, Eldon Leavitt, Unknown, Ashton Wilcox (in front of unknown), Alex McAlary, Wesley Cook, Unknown, Donald Wilcox, Bill Chisholm and Dougald McLean

4th Row (left to right): Norman Nickerson, Prescott H Justason, Ernie Gaudet, Unknown (in front of Donald Wilcox) and Unknown (only partial face showing).

3rd Row (left to right): Unknown, Unknown, Bruce Howland, Leo Wilcox (middle), Unknown, Unknown and Unknown.

2nd Row (left to right): Watson Leavitt, Basil C Justason, Bernard Greenlaw (in back of Bill Walsh), Unknown,  Delbert Springer, "Buzzy" Adams and Unknown.

1st Row: Bill Walsh.

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