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Beaver Harbour Lighthouse
by Esther Maye Wright

Our hearts are sad within us
As an empty spot we see
Where stood our dear Old Light House
In days that use to be
It stood as proud and tall,
Sure was a lovely sight
Standing on that rocky point
In its coat of Red and White.
Oh the stories it could tell
Of the ships that anchored near,
And the many storms it weathered
Right on a hundred years.
The Sea Gulls fly by silently
While the ocean it does roar,
But still remains a lonely spot
Along the rugged shore.
There were many a good keeper
Who kept light shining bright
He spent a lonely vigil
On many a stormy night.
The Fisherman had no worry
As they sailed upon their way,
They knew for sure they could rely
For the light upon the Bay.
The Old Connor's Brothers
Made rough trips so long ago
They depended on the Harbour Light
And to hear the fog horn blow.
There is a happy ending
The future looks so bright,
For now there stands before us
A new and modern light.
In our memory shines a beacon
That will linger day and night
And for us this is a Tribute
To the Beaver Harbour Light.

Composed by Esther Maye Wright (1914-1993)
When the Old Light House was destroyed - "Burned Down."
Used by permission: P. Dale Wright (son).

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