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The Old County School House

Ours hearts are sad within us,
As an empty lot we see,
Where stood out County School House
In the days that used to be.
All those happy times with laughter.
If those walls could only tell
Of those notes we wrote each other
To the ones we loved so well.
The Teachers, May God Bless them.
As their salary was well earned,
And we never can repay them
For the lessons we have learned.
Our schoolmates are all scattered,
On Lifeís Highway they wend,
But we never shall forget them
And their true value as a friend.
A new school is now erected,
But itís beauty canít compare
To the memory that still lingers
Of the happy hours spent there.

Composed by Esther Maye Wright (1914-1993)
Used by permission: P. Dale Wright (son).

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