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Anglican Baptisms-All Saints Anglican Church, St. Andrews, NB - July 22 & 23, 1804
Anglican Baptisms-1822-1825"
Anglican Baptisms-1827-1829"
Anglican Baptisms-1830"
Anglican Baptisms-1831-1832"
Anglican Baptisms-1833-1834"
Anglican Baptisms-1835"
Anglican Baptisms-1836
Anglican Baptisms-1837"
Anglican Baptisms-1838"
Anglican Baptisms-1839"
Anglican Baptisms-1840"
Anglican Baptisms-1841"
Anglican Baptisms-1842"
Anglican Baptisms-1843"
Anglican Baptisms-1844"
Anglican Baptisms-1845"
Anglican Baptisms-1846"
Anglican Baptisms-1847"
Anglican Baptisms-1848"
Anglican Baptisms-1849&1850"
Anglican Baptisms-1851&1852"
Anglican Baptisms-1853&1854"
Anglican Baptisms-1855"
Anglican Baptisms-1856"
Anglican Baptisms-1857"
Anglican Baptisms-1858"
Anglican Baptisms-1859"
Anglican Baptisms-1860"
Anglican Baptisms-1861"
Anglican Baptisms-1862"
Anglican Baptisms-1863
Anglican Baptisms-1864
Anglican Baptisms-1865
Anglican Baptisms-1866
Anglican Baptisms-1867
Anglican Baptisms-1868
Anglican Baptisms-1869
Anglican Baptisms-1870
Anglican Baptisms-1871
Anglican Baptisms-1872-73
Anglican Baptisms-1874
Anglican Baptisms-1875
Anglican Baptisms-1876
Anglican Baptisms-1877
Anglican Baptisms-1878
Anglican Baptisms-1900-1924"
Anglican Baptisms-1925-1944"
Anglican Baptisms-1945-1957"

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