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Last NameFirst NameBirth   Date   Death   Date      Age  MarkerRelationships and notes
FosterIsaac V18371920 8h/o Mary E
FosterMary E18431927 8w/o Isaac V
FosterWilliam D18691942 8h/o Jennie A
FosterJennie A18811960 8w/o William D
KrausKathryn MAug 1920Jan 1999 9
LogueBlanche V18801886 7
LogueCatherine A18401889 7
LogueCharles R18731898 7
LogueLeslie M18771938 7
LogueLulu M18821887 7
LogueM. Agnes18651932 7w/o William A. Earle
LogueMatilda C18661928 7
LogueMaude M18801945 7
LogueRobert18371891 7
LogueByard R18701953 12h/o Sadie
LogueSadie1883Feb 23, 19132912w/o Byard d/o Sarah McCrea
LogueJohn McCrea19111981 12s/o Byard & Sadie
LogueMarguerite G19031999 12d/o Byard & Sadie w/o Charles W. Downie
LoguePercy A Feb 2, 19362214
LondonJohn W Oct 24, 1903701brother of Margaret E
LondonMargaret E Oct 24, 1900651sister of John W
LondonCharles May 2, 1890633h/o Jane M
LondonJane M Mar 5, 1894613w/o Charles
LondonHartley W Jun 26, 1888243
LondonByron W Jan 25, 1883244
LondonStephen A Jul 12, 1885194drowned
LondonMargery A Oct 29, 1875286w/o George
LondonInna May Feb 4, 18764m6d/o Margery & George
McCreaHugh18561930 11h/o Susan Jane
McCreaSusan Jane18721951 11w/o Hugh
McCreaGeorge P May 29, 190525y, 8m15?s/o Sarah
McCreaSarah Jul 1, 188335y, 5m161st wife of Deacon John McCrea who is buried
with his 2nd wife in Hatfield Point Cemetery
McCreaThomas Dec 10, 18585617h/o Jane
McCreaJane M Feb 18, 18997817w/o Thomas
ParksBeverly18561918 10h/o Cassie
ParksCassie18681932 10w/o Beverly
ParksIsadore18851891 10
ReickerMary E Nov 1, 19035718
ReickerWilliam Henry Nov 23, 1936 or 19389218
ReickerAurilla AJun 10, 1878Nov 16, 1926 19
RiceR. James18591938 5
RiceAnnie L18601923 5
TaylorNora Ashford18951936 20w/o Raynes W
TaylorRaynes W18851973 21h/o Nora
WhiteRobert18281910 2h/o Harriet V
WhiteHarriet V18391886 2w/o Robert
WhiteMargaret E18711890 2d/o Robert & Harriet
WilcoxElizabeth18661926 13

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