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This cemetery has a number of similar unmarked wooden crosses thought to indicate burials without gravestones.
The list has been left in order of marker position to indicate the location of these wooden crosses relative to marked burials.

MarkerLast NameFirst NameBirth   Date   Death   Date      Age  Relationships and notes
1FerrarFrank HAug 4 1925Nov 13 1997 (husband of Dollie MacDonald)
2MooreElsie (Babe) [MacDonald]19291997 w/o Patrick
3MooreHeather Irene19591974 d/o Elsie M & Patrick
4MacDonaldGeorge S Nov 26 197480h/o Lottie P - Private 26th Battalion C.E.F.
5MacDonaldLottie P [MacKenzie]18991968 w/o George S
5FerrarDorothy (Dollie)19271995 d/o George & Lottie
6MacDonaldCharles LDec 8, 1890Nov 16 1976
7MacDonaldWillard EarlFeb 23 1924Nov 15 1983 s/o George & Lottie
8ClarkBernice J [MacDonald]Mar 2 1927Sep 23 1973 w/o C. Earle
8ClarkPte. C. EarleSep 1 1914Mar 25 1985 h/o Bernice J
9GamblinJoseph A18811959
10HumphreyScott Nathan18761959 h/o Nettie J Reece
10HumphreyNettie J Reece18821969 w/o Scott N
11HoveyDel J 196811 moss/o Alfred & Pearl
12Unmarked Wooden Cross
13McKenziePawnee M Haynes19081988
14Unmarked Wooden Cross
15Unmarked Wooden Cross
16WebsterRupert A18971974 h/o Edna M Beale
16WebsterEdna M Beale19011991 w/o Rupert A
17WebsterFrank B19281988 s/o Rupert & Edna
18WebsterBaby Ralph F March 1954infants/o Frank & Valerie
19GreensladePercy L19271978 h/o Mabel D Mott
20ClarkStanley Ambrose18911960
20ClarkGladys Lillian18971974
21WetmoreHattie E [Smith]18761956 w/o Shirley K
21WetmoreShirley K18881977 h/o Hattie E
22LaskeyVincent L19352001
23LaskeyRalph DAug 3 1958Jun 19 1963 s/o Vincent & Jean
24MottH Ruth CowanNov 18 1930Apr 21 1999
25MottBurton H19081986
25MottStella M Webster19121977
26BubbFrederick J19041984
26BubbIrene W Webster19191997
27ClarkAlice Mamie19011985
28ClarkGeorge N18581916
28ClarkAngeline E18591940
29StraightMinnie E Clark18891974 w/o Arthur
29StraightArthur H h/o Minnie
29StraightWilliam Thomas19211946
29StraightElizabeth Ellen19181986
30ClarkWesley J18801961
31ClarkGeorge Malcolm18971953
32CraftArnold P18781921
32CraftMercy Mott18781962
33LoganJames A Jun 21 190730
33LoganWillard W Jun 21 190728
34LoganWillard Herman19061912 s/o Allan & Minnie
35Unmarked Wooden Cross
36StraightWilliam (Trooper) Mar 19 1946
37MacKenzieLevina Logan18721939
38Unmarked Wooden Cross (possibly W Henry McKenzie)
39Unmarked Wooden Cross
40AkerleyOtis19101914 s/o Lewis & Mary
40AkerleyReta M19171917 d/o Lewis & Mary
41ClarkCharles H18521915
41ClarkSarah A [Mott]18481927
42McKielG ByronMar 31 1868Nov 25 1925
42McKielSarah Jemima [Craft]18681946
43McKielGrayce I18991916 d/o G Byron & Sarah Jemima
44ClarkA Alfretta Heustis18661916 w/o Arthur W
45HuestisLeonard Sep 9 190063
46BelyeaMary May 9 191268
47CraftMargaret S [Mott]18831916 w/o Ernest
48CraftErnest M18761955
48CraftMarvel F Brown18931966
49CraftHerbert M19081989 h/o Florence
49CraftFlorence A MacDonald19092004 w/o Herbert
50MottBradbury N18701944 h/o Mary R
50MottMary R [Belyea]Jun 29 1870Nov 3 1921 w/o Bradbury N
50MottMabel CAug10 1902Sep 29 1921 d/o Bradbury & Mary
51MottWalter C Jan 18 192425
51MottDorothy M 7 months
52BelyeaMargaret E18441929
53BelyeaJames W Apr 29 191577h/o Mary E
54BelyeaMary E [Jones] Jan 17 190671w/o James W
55BelyeaJohn Gerow Feb 22 189118y 4ms/o James & Mary
56WetmoreJennie Fisher Mar 10 18907d/o Rev J D & Maretta
56WetmoreLoran Chester Mar 12 18908y 4ms/o Rev J D & Maretta
57WetmoreRev J D (John Drake)18581928
57WetmoreMaretta L [Davis]18591956
58WetmoreMary Fisher May 2 189268
59WetmoreJohn C18481928
59WetmoreEdith E Vradenburgh18481932
60WetmoreHerbert A18741932
60WetmoreEdith I18851956
61WetmoreFrederick T18761961
62PaschalJames GoldwinMay 29 1922Sep 15 1970
63PaschalMarion Grace May 11 195047
64MottJoseph May 15 1806Feb 3 1893
64MottSusan E [Ackerley]Apr 21 1806Nov 25 1897
65MottJoseph A18471937
65MottLydia ADec 18 1847Aug 29 1928
66MottMary E Feb 11 188813d/o Joseph & Lydia
67MottAlfred M Sep 24 190125s/o Joseph & Lydia
67MottSusie B Jun 29 190518d/o Joseph & Lydia
68MottHerbert S18851912 s/o Joseph & Lydia
68MottCora A [McDonald]18871960 w/o Herbert S
69MottElmer19101935 s/o Herbert & Cora
70MottGretta C E Earle19111988 w/o Gerald Brown & Theodore Mott
70BrownGerald S19071944 h/o Gretta
71MottTheodore C19071975 h/o Gladys M & Gretta
71MottGladys M19171948 w/o Theodore C
72MottThelma G Steeves19381981
73Unmarked Wooden Cross
74WebsterEdward Dec 17 188884h/o Margaret
75WebsterMargaret Jul 26 187574w/o Edward
76FosterWilliam S Jan 22 189268
76FosterSusan E Jul 19 189862widow of late William Helms & William Foster
77WebsterWilliam EdwardJul 3 1860Mar 20 1906
77WebsterDeborah A [White}Nov 22 1860Sep 15 1949
78Unmarked Wooden Cross
79Unmarked Wooden Cross
80Unmarked Wooden Cross
81WebsterMyles L18861964 w/o Elizabeth
81WebsterElizabeth L [Willegar}18901979 h/o Myles
82WebsterWilliam D19081982
83Unmarked Wooden Cross
84WebsterAlexander Mar 26 191784
84WebsterDeamah Oct 6 1935 (or Dianah)
85WebsterFrances S Mar 17 186630w/o Alexander
86JonesAnnie D Feb 13 190320w/o George N
86Jonesinfant daughter Nov 22 1902
87Unmarked Wooden Cross
88Unmarked Wooden Cross
89HurderSusan E May 16 18651yd/o Peter & Mary
90MottJames D18721966
90MottFannie M Wetmore18711953
90MottPercy F18991917
91MottJ Garnet19092000
91MottMinnie R Logue19101991
92BulyeaAbraham Oct 30 188380h/o Sarah H
93BulyeaSarah H [Gerow] Apr 14 187164w/o Abraham
94Unmarked Wooden Cross
95Unmarked Wooden Cross
96Unmarked Wooden Cross
97Unmarked Wooden Cross
98McCayHarry Ray Sep 8 18897ms/o Harry S & Burtha
99McKayHarry no dates
100McKayAlberthano dates
101McKayGeorge G18951958
101McKayMyrtle R18991978
102BowersMichael R18861934
102BowersFreda McKay18881975
103Unmarked Wooden Cross
104Unmarked Wooden Cross
105Unmarked Wooden Cross
106Unmarked Wooden Cross
107Unmarked Wooden Cross
108Unmarked Wooden Cross
109Unmarked Wooden Cross
110McDonaldHarry C Jan 18 18901y 3ms/o Rowland & Annie E
111BelyeaEdith I18811910
112Unmarked Wooden Cross
113Unmarked Wooden Cross probably Mary Ann (MacKenzie) MacDonald
114Unmarked Wooden Cross probably Richard Peters MacDonald
115Unmarked Wooden Cross probably Amberzine MacDonald
116MacDonaldElton Black18761925 h/o Sarah Earl
116MacDonaldSarah Earl [MacDonald]18851964 w/o Elton Black
117GilchristRobert D18341919
117GilchristJemima {Belyea}18341907
118GilchristJanie Corano dates d/o Robert D & Jemina
119GilchristWillie H Jun 12 186611ms/o Robert D & Jemima
120GilchristGilford E Oct 18 1862 s/o Robert D & Jemima
121BelyeaMyrtle Earl Jan 11 18831y 4m 14dd/o J G H & Violet
122Unmarked Wooden Cross
123Unmarked Wooden Cross
124MorrisAlbert E18941967
124MorrisElsie J McKenzie19011970
125MottGeorge E18961975
125MottAnnie Logue19031986
126Unmarked Wooden Cross probably Margaret Jane (Gilchrist) Belyea
127BelyeaJohn S Aug 10 188861
128BelyeaSelina P May 9 18611yd/o John S
129MottMarcus H18791933
129MottElmira M [Mott]18801965
130AkerleyPte. Percy F19001965
130AkerleyMargaret L Mott19132001
133MottJoseph A18911929
133MottViolet G [Parks]18951926
133MottArlie H19221924 s/o Joseph & Violet
134Iron marker with faded paper marker 1924 "Wi... ...ten"
135Unmarked Wooden Cross
136?ShannonJohn W May 5 18655s/o Geary U & Catherine Shannon
137Unmarked Wooden Cross
138Unmarked Wooden Cross
139Unmarked Wooden Cross
140HendersonRoy S19011987
140HendersonLaura A Mott19011965
141LeeVivian G19231945 d/o Roy & Laura Henderson
142HendersonRalph L19251998
143MacDonaldMiles C18811967 h/o Myrtle
143MacDonaldMyrtle L Brown18881946 w/o Miles
144Unmarked Wooden Cross
145Unmarked Wooden Cross
146Unmarked Wooden Cross
147GaudetEdith B MacDonaldNov 6 1914Jan 1 1971 w/o James A
147GaudetJames A19162000 h/o Edith B
148MacDonaldLouise B Preston19241994 w/o Alfred
149WelchAlfred E19081990 h/o Mildred
150Unmarked Wooden Cross
151PaschalIrene no dates
152PaschalBonnyno dates
153PaschalDonald G Nov 22 197127(2 crosses)
154McCrowLucy Prince Jul 31 192653
155ClarkTalmadge Dewitt18931971
155ClarkLily Mary Ann McCrow18931973
156Unmarked Wooden Cross
157Unmarked Wooden Cross
158Unmarked Wooden Cross
159Unmarked Wooden Cross

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