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Petersville Parish - Division 1 - Recorded Apr. 1871

Transcribed by Jack Colwell


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Hou = Dwelling    Fam = Family    Notes= born, married or died in the previous year
HouFamSurnameForename        SexAgeBornReligionOriginOccupationM/WNotes
11MacKineyStewartM28NBC of EIrishFarmerM
MacKineyCatherineF20NBC of EIrish M
MacKineyJamesM2NBC of EIrish
MacKineySamuel V.M1NBC of EIrish
FisherWilliamM18NSC of EIrishFarmer
MacKineyJamesM70IrelandC of EIrishFarmerW
MacKineyJames A.M15NBC of EIrishFarmer
Hintoper?Mary M.F20NSR CatholicIrish
22PolleyWilliamM61IrelandC of EIrishFarmerW
PolleyMaryF31NBC of EIrish
PolleySarahF30NBC of EIrishSeamstress
PolleyJamesM28NBC of EIrishFarmer
PolleyRichardM24NBC of EIrishFarmer
PolleyWilliamM20NBC of EIrishFarmer
33DaleyWilliamM58IrelandC of EIrishFarmer
DaleyMary A.F41NBC of EIrish
DaleyJaneF84IrelandC of EIrish W
4RolstenWilliam J.M30NBC of EIrishSchool Teacher
RolstenBarbra A.F28NBC of EIrish
RolstenWilliam S.M5NBC of EIrish
45WilsonJamesM50IrelandC of EIrishFarmer
WilsonCynthiaF57IrelandC of EIrish
WilsonJohnM27NBC of EIrishFarmer
WilsonJaneF24NBC of EIrish
WilsonMirria A.F21NBC of EIrish
WilsonWilliam J.M18NBC of EIrishFarmer
WilsonEllener S.F12NBC of EIrish
56CorbettSamuel W.M33NBC of EIrishBlack SmithM
CorbettFrancessF28NBPresb Ch of LPIrish M
CorbettMary AllenF8NBPresb Ch of LPIrish
CorbettJane E.F6NBPresb Ch of LPIrish
CorbettGeorge T.M5NBPresb Ch of LPIrish
CorbettFrancess M.F1NBPresb Ch of LPIrish
MacafeeJohnM30NBPresb Ch of LPIrishCarpenterM
MacafeeMary AnnF23NBW MethIrish M
67ElinghamJohnM52IrelandC of EIrishFarmerM
ElinghamMargretF48NBW MethIrish M
ElinghamElisabethF24NBW MethIrish
ElinghamWilliamM21NBC of EIrishFarmer
ElinghamJaneF19NBC of EIrish
ElinghamRachelF17NBC of EIrish
ElinghamJohnM14NBC of EIrish
ElinghamThomasM12NBC of EIrish
ElinghamJamesM8NBC of EIrish
78HamiltonAndrewM84IrelandPresb Ch of LPIrishFarmerM
HamiltonFannyF65IrelandPresb Ch of LPIrish M
89HamiltonElizabethF38NBW MethIrish W
HamiltonMaryF15NBW MethIrish
HamiltonEmilyF13NBW MethIrish
HamiltonAndrewM11NBW MethIrish
HamiltonEllenerF8NBW MethIrish
910GrahamJohnM44NBC of EIrishFarmerM
GrahamMary AnnF43NBC of EIrish M
McDowelGeorge T.M5NBC of EIrish
1011GrahamThomas AllenM40NBC of EIrishFarmerM
GrahamMargretF35NBC of EIrish M
DavisMillise J.F9NBC of EIrish
1112HamiltonThomasM28NBC of EIrishCarpenter
RolstenAndrewM27NBC of EIrishShoe Maker
1213McLeodNormanM36NBC of EScotchFarmerM
McLeodJulie AnnF26NBC of EScotch M
McLeodJames IsaacM5NBC of EScotch
McLeodLemuel S.M3NBC of EScotch
McLeodJames R.M28NBC of EScotchFarmer
14McLeodCharloteF73NBW MethScotch W
TingleyMary A.F15NBW MethIrish
1315MahoodGeorge A.M50IrelandC of EIrishFarmerM
MahoodJaneF32NBC of EIrish M
MahoodAgustas S.F7NBC of EIrish
MahoodEliza G.F4NBC of EIrish
MahoodFrederick C.M2NBC of EIrish
MahoodOliviaF45IrelandC of EIrish
1416GrahamRichardM73IrelandC of EIrishFarmerM
GrahamJaneF59IrelandC of EIrish M
GrahamArthurM25NBC of EIrishFarmer
GrahamRichard A.M19NBC of EIrishFarmer
GrahamJohn R.M17NBC of EIrishFarmer
GrahamMaryF31NBC of EIrish
GrahamSarah B.F23NBC of EIrish
GrahamIsabela A.F21NBC of EIrish
1517QueenMargret M.F36NBC of EIrish W
1618GrahamWilliam J.M41NBC of EIrishFarmer
1719GrahamMathewM60IrelandC of EIrishFarmerM
GrahamFrances M.F40IrelandW MethIrish M
GrahamSimonM24NBC of EIrishCarpenter
GrahamMary J.F20NBC of EIrish
GrahamMargret A.F18NBC of EIrish
GrahamMathewM15NBC of EIrish
GrahamJohn L.M8NBC of EIrish
GrahamWilliam A.M6NBC of EIrish
GrahamBarbra E.F4NBC of EIrish
GrahamRebeca E.F2NBC of EIrish
1820QueenJamesM53IrelandW MethIrishFarmerM
QueenJaneF49IrelandW MethIrish M
QueenCharlesM25NBW MethIrishFarmer
QueenElisabethF21NBW MethIrish
QueenCaralineF19NBW MethIrish
QueenJame T.M17NBW MethIrishFarmer
QueenJohn W.M15NBW MethIrish
QueenMary EllenerF12NBW MethIrish
QueenEmellie A.F10NBW MethIrish
QueenAlbertM8NBW MethIrish
QueenElsworth F.M5NBW MethIrish
1921ScottJohnM33NBW MethIrishFarmerM
ScottMargret A.F28NBW MethIrish M
ScottWilliam A.M6NBW MethIrish
ScottJames M.M4NBW MethIrish
ScottJane C.F2NBW MethIrish
ScottIdammayF2mNBW MethIrish b Jan
2022McKineyFra[n]cisM31NBC of EIrishFarmerM
McKineyJennetF26NBC of EScotch M
McKineyJames A.M6NBC of EIrish
McKineyAnna J.F2NBC of EIrish
McKineyJohn F.M1NBC of EIrish
2123DalyJohnM55IrelandW MethIrishFarmerM
DalyAnnF46IrelandW MethIrish M
DalyJoseph M.M18NBW MethIrishFarmer
DalyAllexander C.M17NBW MethIrishFarmer
DalyJohn C.M15NBW MethIrish
DalyFrances J.F12NBW MethIrish
DalyIsabelF10NBW MethIrish
DalyEllener M.F7NBW MethIrish
DalyMagy A.F5NBW MethIrish
DalyGeorge A.M1NBW MethIrish
2224McCutcheonJohnM50IrelandW MethIrishFarmerW
McCutcheonJosephM14NBW MethIrish
McCutcheonEdwardM10NBW MethIrish
McCutcheonMargretF21NBW MethIrish
2325HamiltonRobertM64IrelandW MethIrishFarmerM
HamiltonBarbraF62IrelandW MethIrish M
HamiltonRoseyF23NBW MethIrish
HamiltonJohnM16NBW MethIrishFarmer
MurdockJamesM14NBW MethIrish
2426HamiltonWilliamM33NBC of EIrishFarmerM
HamiltonMargretF26NBC of EIrish M
HamiltonBarbra A.F1NBC of EIrish
2527DunnJohnM31NBC of EScotchFarmerM
DunnMargretF25NBC of EIrish M
DunnGeorge W.M1NBC of EIrish
DunnMargret E.F4NBC of EIrish
DunnFrancis A.M5NBC of EIrish
28StewartAndrewM77IrelandFC BaptistIrishFarmerM
StewartMargretF80IrelandFC BaptistIrish M
2629McKineyWilliamM42IrelandW MethIrishFarmerM
McKineyIsabela A.F27NBW MethIrish M
McKineyThomas M.M12NBW MethIrish
McKineyAbnerM1NBW MethIrish
2730McKineyJohnM31IrelandW MethIrishFarmer
MooreJohnM65IrelandPresb Ch of LPIrishFarmerW
2831MooreSamuelM27NBPresb Ch of LPIrishFarmerW
MooreGeorgeM2NBPresb Ch of LPIrish
MooreMargretF2mNBPresb Ch of LPIrish b Jan
2932MooreJohnM35NBPresb Ch of LPIrishFarmerM
MooreMary J.F27NBPresb Ch of LPIrish M
3033MooreAbrahamM45IrelandPresb Ch of LPIrishFarmerM
MooreCatherineM27IrelandPresb Ch of LPIrish M
MooreSarah J.F5NBPresb Ch of LPIrish
MooreJohnM3NBPresb Ch of LPIrish
MooreAlexanderM2NBPresb Ch of LPIrish
3134GrayPeterM69ScotlandC of ScotlandScotchFarmerM
GrayJaneF69ScotlandC of ScotlandScotch M
GrayWilliamM29NBC of ScotlandScotchFarmer
GrayEmlyF20NBC of ScotlandScotch
HathawayJane H.F19USPresb Ch of LPScotch
HathawayRubenM15USPresb Ch of LPScotch
3235GrayJohnM43ScotlandPresb Ch of LPScotch M
GrayMargretF29NBPresb Ch of LPScotch M
GrayAnna J.F3NBPresb Ch of LPScotch
GrayJaneF2NBPresb Ch of LPScotch
3336KerrJohnM50IrelandW MethIrishFarmerM
KerrElizabethF40IrelandW MethIrish M
KerrMatilda M.F20NBW MethIrish
KerrMary E.F7NBW MethIrish
KerrIsabela F.F5NBW MethIrish
KerrJoseph T.M3NBW MethIrish
KerrSarah A.F2mNBW MethIrish b Jan
3437MelleryCurtisM50NBFC BaptistIrishFarmerM
MelleryJane E.F50IrelandPresb Ch of LPIrish M
MelleryJohn T.M23NBPresb Ch of LPIrish
MelleryCurtis A.M21NBPresb Ch of LPIrish
MelleryJohn J.M26NBPresb Ch of LPIrish
MelleryMary E.F16NBPresb Ch of LPIrish
3538McCullunJamesM50IrelandC of EIrishFarmerM
McCullunMary A.F48IrelandC of EIrish M
McCullunMatildaF18NBC of EIrish
McCullunEllenorF16NBC of EIrish
McCullunJamesM14NBC of EIrish
McCullunJohnM10NBC of EIrish
McCullunEliza A.F8NBC of EIrish
McCullunThomas C.M6NBC of EIrish
McCullunAmeliaF1NBC of EIrish
3639McCullumS.M24NBC of EIrish
McCullumMaryF25NBC of EIrish
McCullumJames A.M2mNBC of EIrish b Feb
3740CorbittJamesM39NBC of EIrishFarmerM
CorbittMargretF33NBC of EIrish M
CorbittJamesM8NBC of EIrish
CorbittSamuelM6NBC of EIrish
CorbittJane E.F3NBC of EIrish
3841CorbettGeorgeM36NBW MethIrishFarmerM
CorbettIsabelaF27IrelandW MethIrish M
3942MageeJohnM60IrelandW MethIrishFarmerM
MageeCatherineF50IrelandW MethIrish M
MageeCatherineF17NBW MethIrish
MageeJohnM15NBW MethIrish
MageeLuwezaF6NBW MethIrish
MageeTomasM3NBW MethIrish
MageeElisabethF13NBW MethIrish
MageeJane M.F9NBW MethIrish
4043WilsonHughM56IrelandPresb Ch of LPIrishFarmerM
WilsonMargretF56IrelandPresb Ch of LPIrish M
WilsonJaneF25NBPresb Ch of LPIrish
WilsonMatildaF23NBPresb Ch of LPIrish
WilsonMaryF20NBPresb Ch of LPIrish
WilsonSarahF17NBPresb Ch of LPIrish
WilsonMargret A.F14NBPresb Ch of LPIrish
4144WilsonWilliamM42NBPresb Ch of LPIrish
WilsonCynthia J.F38NBPresb Ch of LPIrish
WilsonGeorgeM15NBPresb Ch of LPIrish
WilsonWilliamM13NBPresb Ch of LPIrish
WilsonOliver S.M11NBPresb Ch of LPIrish
WilsonMargret A.F8NBPresb Ch of LPIrish
WilsonEdwardM6NBPresb Ch of LPIrish
WilsonMatilda J.F4NBPresb Ch of LPIrish
WilsonHugh A.M1NBPresb Ch of LPIrish
4245WilliamsonRobertM40NBW MethIrishFarmerM
WilliamsonHenriettF22NBW MethIrish M
WilliamsonJames W.M17NBW MethIrishFarmer
WilliamsonElisabethF14NBW MethIrish
WilliamsonMary AnnF12NBW MethIrish
WilliamsonMarthaF10NBW MethIrish
WilliamsonJaneF8NBW MethIrish
WilliamsonJohnM3NBW MethIrish
WilliamsonCharlota B.F2mNBW MethIrish b Jan
WilliamsonMargretF1NBW MethIrish
4346DaleyRichardM55IrelandW MethIrishFarmerM
DaleyMargretF44IrelandW MethIrish M
DaleyWilliamM20NBW MethIrishFarmer
DaleySamuelM17NBW MethIrishFarmer
DaleyJohn R.M16NBW MethIrishFarmer
DaleyJames R.M14NBW MethIrish
DaleyJoseph C.M12NBW MethIrish
DaleyElisabeth J.F10NBW MethIrish
DaleyGeorge M.M9NBW MethIrish
DaleyDavid W.M7NBW MethIrish
DaleyMargret J.F5NBW MethIrish
DaleyAllis M.F3NBW MethIrish
4447PollyElisaF43NBC of EIrishSchool TeacherW
PollyJohnM7NBC of EIrish
PollyPeterM6NBC of EIrish
PollyMaryF5NBC of EIrish
4548CorbettRobertM36NBW MethIrishFarmerM
CorbettMerriaF42IrelandW MethIrish M
CorbettJames T.M13NBW MethIrish
CorbettCatherine A.F11NBW MethIrish
CorbettJohn S.M9NBW MethIrish
CorbettRobert A.M7NBW MethIrish
CorbettSamuelM73IrelandW MethIrishFarmerM
CorbettElisabethF75IrelandW MethIrish M
4649HamiltonRobertM27NBW MethIrish
HamiltonBetsey A.F26NBW MethIrish
HamiltonJames T.M4NBW MethIrish
HamiltonJohn R.M2NBW MethIrish
HamiltonSamuel W.F?2mNBW MethIrish b Jan
4750KenedeyThomasM50NBW MethIrishFarmer
KenedeyEasterF48NBW MethIrish
KenedeyThomasM28NBW MethIrishFarmer
KenedeyWilliamM23NBW MethIrishFarmer
KenedeyGurtisM20NBW MethIrishFarmer
KenedeyGlaudas?M17NBW MethIrishFarmer
KenedeyRobertM14NBW MethIrish
KenedeyMargretF12NBW MethIrish
51WilliamsCarlsM87IrelandPresb Ch of LPIrishFarmerW
4852KillenJohnM55IrelandPresb Ch of LPIrishFarmerW
KillenDavidM12NBPresb Ch of LPIrish
KillenMary E.F14NBPresb Ch of LPIrish
KillenFannyF9NBPresb Ch of LPIrish
4953BrownDavidM66IrelandPresb Ch of LPIrishFarmerM
BrownJaneF72IrelandPresb Ch of LPIrish M
TurnithSamuelM33IrelandC of EIrishFarmerM
TurnithMaryF33IrelandC of EIrish M
TurnithJames D.M6NBC of EIrish
TurnithJane E.F5NBC of EIrish
TurnithDavid B.M4NBC of EIrish
TurnithMary ?F2NBC of EIrish
TurnithElisabethF2NBC of EIrish
TurnithArthurM1NBC of EIrish
5054EmeryEdwardM36IrelandC of EIrishFarmerM
EmeryAnnaF22NBC of EIrish M
EmerySarah J.F7NBC of EIrish
EmeryGeorge W.M2NBC of EIrish
EmeryGeorgeM72IrelandC of EIrishFarmerM
EmeryAnnF72IrelandC of EIrish M
5155BartonEdwardM70IrelandC of EIrishFarmerM
BartonSintheaF50IrelandC of EIrish M
BartonEdwardM23NBC of EIrishFarmer
BartonJamesM17NBC of EIrishFarmer
BartonRoseanaF15NBC of EIrish
BartonWilliam A.M13NBC of EIrish
BoasMathewM75IrelandPresb Ch of LPIrishFarmerW
5256PettyJohnM50IrelandC of EIrishFarmerM
PettySuseanaF45IrelandC of EIrish M
PettyThomasM25IrelandC of EIrishFarmer
PettyJohnM21IrelandC of EIrishFarmer
PettyElisabethF17NBC of EIrish
PettySarahF4NBC of EIrish
5357MontgomeryJohnM50IrelandC of EIrishFarmerM
MontgomeryCatherineF24NBC of EIrish M
MontgomeryJohnM7NBC of EIrish
MontgomeryAnnF4NBC of EIrish
MontgomeryJaneF1NBC of EIrish
5458MontgomeryGeorgeM60IrelandC of EIrish
MontgomeryElisabethF63IrelandC of EIrish
MontgomerySarahF50IrelandC of EIrish
5559IrvinSarahF41IrelandW MethIrish W
IrvinJosephfineF14NBW MethIrish
IrvinSarah J.F13NBW MethIrish
IrvinAllis M.F11NBW MethIrish
IrvinEllin E.F9NBW MethIrish
IrvinJohn A.M6NBW MethIrish
IrvinLettitiseF4NBW MethIrish
5660ArmstrongJohnM80IrelandC of EIrish W
5761CurryGeorgeM50IrelandC of EIrishFarmerM
CurrySarah A.F38NBC of EIrish M
CurryMary J.F14NBC of EIrish
CurryWilliam J.M12NBC of EIrish
CurryAnn J.F11NBC of EIrish
CurryGeorge F.M5NBC of EIrish
CurrySarah E.F3NBC of EIrish
5862KenadeyJohnM30IrelandW MethIrishFarmerM
KenadeyLutichayF25NBW MethIrish M
KenadeyThomas W.M8NBW MethIrish
KenadeyMary J.F1NBW MethIrish
5963CurryJamesM54IrelandC of EIrishFarmerM
CurryMatildaF47IrelandC of EIrish M
CurryJosephM18NBC of EIrishFarmer
CurryAnn J.F16NBC of EIrish
CurryMatilda M.F14NBC of EIrish
CurryJames W.M9NBC of EIrish
6064BarnettJohnM44NBC of EIrishFarmerM
BarnettElisabethF35IrelandC of EIrish M
BarnettAllisF14NBC of EIrish
BarnettElisabethF12NBC of EIrish
BarnettMargret J.F10NBC of EIrish
BarnettSarah A.F8NBC of EIrish
BarnettLattitiaF6NBC of EIrish
BarnettGeorgeM4NBC of EIrish
BarnettJohn J.M2NBC of EIrish
6165CalchoonJohnM75IrelandR CatholicIrishFarmerW
CalchoonCatherineF26IrelandR CatholicIrish
CalchoonJosephM22IrelandR CatholicIrishFarmer

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