St. Andrews Parish Census-1901

The Census for St Andrews Parish for 1901 has been scanned from photocopies. They are queued to be transcribed later. However, since this may take some time, I decided to upload the scanned images while I wait.

You can download the image page(s) and enlarge them in any Paint/Image Program, such as Imaging for Windows, which comes with Windows98, under Accessories.

 If you would care to assist in this process I will be very happy to assign pages to you. e-mail

Division 1, pp 1-22 Division 2, pp 1-7
1 April to 1 May 1901 1 Apr to 23 Apr 1901
E.B. Connley - Enumerator Robert Billings - Enumerator
. .
Streets in St Andrews Areas Covered
Queen Chamcook
Mary Commons
Montague Ministers Island
Carleton Camonis ?
King .
Frederick .
Augustus .
Adolphus .
Prince of Wales .
Edward .
Elizabeth .
William Henry
Eastern Commons ..
Princess Royal .
Ernest .
Douglas .
Pagan .
Sophia .
Wales .
Patrick .