A History of Greenock Church, St. Andrews, New Brunswick from 1821 to 1906. By Melville N. Cockburn (1906)


It is available for downloading from Internet Archives...just click on the title above. It also explains provincial marriage laws as they relate to clergy.

Here are a list of the surnames that appear in the book.

Abernerthy Craig Hains MacLean Odell Sime
Allanshaw Davidson Haley Mahon O'Hara Smith
Alley Davis Hannah Maloney Pagan Snodgrass
Ames DeWolfe Hanson Mann Parker Southack
Andrews Dickie Hatch Matthewson Parkinson Spears
Armstrong Dolby Hathaway Maxwell Patterson Stackhouse
Babcock Donaldson Hatheway sic McArthur Paul Stephenson
Bailey Douglas Haynes McCoubrey Peacock Stevenson
Balfour Duncan Herbertson McCullough Pierce Stewart
Barber Edgar Hetherington McCurdy Polleys Stinson
Bartlett Ellis Hooper McDougall Putnam Stoop
Bartley Everett Hume McFarlane Quail Strachan
Bathurst Field Hutchinson McIntosh Rait Street
Boyle Finlay Irvin McKay Ramsey Stuart
Brearcliffe Frazer Jack McKean Rankin Stubs
Briscoe Frye Johnson McKenzie Richardson Sturgeon
Brodie Garnett Johnston McLeod Rigby Stymest
Burns Getty Keay McMath Rodgers Thompson
Cameron Gilchrist Kennedy McMillan Rollins Todd
Campbell Gililand Kerr McNath Rose Tufts
Carmichael Gillespie Kurules McRoberts Ross Watson
Carter Gilley Kyle Merrill Ruggles Watts
Cassilis Gilliland Lamb Millar Russell Wetmore
Cavan Gilmore Lambert Morrison Scott Whitlock
Clark Glenn Lassels Mowatt Sealy Whyte
Clarke Greenlaw Lovegrove Muir Sharpless Willard
Cockburn Gunn Lowery Niblock Shaw Wilson
Connelly Gunn MacGill Nisbet Shirley Wyer


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