New Brunswick Parishes

Page Corrected May 2005
The following is a list of parishes here in New Brunswick and links to the appropriate GenWeb Site.
Aberdeen   Parish Carleton County 
Acadieville Parish Kent County 
Addington  Parish  Restigouche County 
Allardville  Parish  Gloucester County 
Alma  Parish  Albert County 
Alnwick  Parish  Northumberland County 
Andover  Parish  Victoria County 
Baker Brook  Parish  Madawaska County 
Balmoral  Parish  Restigouche County 
Bathurst  Parish  Gloucester County 
Beresford  Parish  Gloucester County 
Blackville  Parish  Northumberland County 
Blissfield  Parish  Northumberland County 
Blissville  Parish  Sunbury County 
Botsford  Parish  Westmorland County 
Bright  Parish  York County 
Brighton  Parish  Carleton County 
Brunswick  Parish  Queens County 
Burton  Parish  Sunbury County 
Cambridge  Parish  Queens County 
Campobello  Parish  Charlotte County 
Canning  Parish  Queens County 
Canterbury  Parish  York County 
Caraquet  Parish  Gloucester County 
Cardwell  Parish  Kings County 
Carleton  Parish  Kent County 
Chatham  Parish  Northumberland County 
Chipman  Parish  Queens County 
City of Fredericton  Parish  York County 
City of Saint John  Parish  Saint John County 
Clair  Parish  Madawaska County 
Clarendon  Parish  Charlotte County 
Colborne  Parish  Restigouche County 
Coverdale  Parish  Albert County 
Dalhousie  Parish  Restigouche County 
Denmark  Parish  Victoria County 
Derby  Parish  Northumberland County 
Dorchester  Parish  Westmorland County 
Douglas  Parish  York County 
Drummond  Parish  Victoria County 
Dufferin  Parish  Charlotte County 
Dumbarton  Parish  Charlotte County 
Dumfries  Parish  York County 
Dundas  Parish  Kent County 
Durham  Parish  Restigouche County 
Eldon  Parish  Restigouche County 
Elgin  Parish  Albert County 
Gagetown  Parish  Queens County 
Gladstone  Parish  Sunbury County 
Gleneig  Parish  Northumberland County 
Gordon  Parish  Victoria County 
Grand Falls  Parish  Victoria County 
Grand Falls Town  Parish  Victoria County 
Grand Manan  Parish  Charlotte County 
Greenwich  Parish  Kings County 
Grimmer  Parish  Restigouche County 
Hammond  Parish  Kings County 
Hampstead  Parish  Queens County 
Hampton  Parish  Kings County 
Harcourt  Parish  Kent County 
Hardwicke  Parish  Northumberland County 
Harvey  Parish  Albert County 
Havelock  Parish  Kings County 
Hillsborough  Parish  Albert County 
Hopewell  Parish  Albert County 
Huskisson  Parish  Kent County 
Inkerman  Parish  Gloucester County 
Johnston  Parish  Queens County 
Kars  Parish  Kings County 
Kent  Parish  Carleton County 
Kingsclear  Parish  York County 
Kingston  Parish  Kings County 
Lac Baker  Parish  Madawaska County 
Lepreau  Parish  Charlotte County 
Lincoln  Parish  Sunbury County 
Lorne  Parish  Victoria County 
Ludlow  Parish  Northumberland County 
Madawaska  Parish  Madawaska County 
Manners Sutton  Parish  York County 
Maugerville  Parish  Sunbury County 
McAdam  Parish  York County 
Moncton  Parish  Westmorland County 
Musquash  Parish  Saint John County 
Nelson  Parish  Northumberland County 
New Bandon  Parish  Gloucester County 
New Maryland  Parish  York County 
Newcastle  Parish  Northumberland County 
North Esk  Parish  Northumberland County 
North Lake  Parish  York County 
Northampton  Parish  Carleton County 
Northfield  Parish  Sunbury County 
Norton  Parish  Kings County 
Notre-Dame-de-Lourdes  Parish  Madawaska County 
Paquetville  Parish  Gloucester County 
Peel  Parish  Carleton County 
Pennfield  Parish  Charlotte County 
Pert  Parish  Victoria County 
Petersville  Parish  Queens County 
Prince William  Parish  York County 
Queensbury  Parish  York County 
Richibucto  Parish  Kent County 
Richmond  Parish  Carleton County 
Riviere Verte  Parish  Madawaska County 
Rogersville  Parish  Northumberland County 
Rothesay  Parish  Kings County 
Sackville  Parish  Westmorland County 
Saint Andrews  Parish  Charlotte County 
Saint Mary  Parish  Kent County 
Saint Marys  Parish  York County 
Saint-Isidore  Parish  Gloucester County 
Salisbury  Parish  Westmorland County 
Saumarez  Parish  Gloucester County 
Shediac  Parish  Westmorland County 
Sheffield  Parish  Sunbury County 
Shippegan  Parish  Gloucester County 
Simonds  Parish  Carleton County 
Simonds  Parish  Saint John County 
South Esk  Parish  Northumberland County 
Southampton  Parish  York County 
Springfield  Parish  Kings County 
St. Andre  Parish  Madawaska County 
St. Basile  Parish  Madawaska County 
St. Charles  Parish  Kent County 
St. Croix  Parish  Charlotte County 
St. David  Parish  Charlotte County 
St. Francois  Parish  Madawaska County 
St. George  Parish  Charlotte County 
St. Hilaire  Parish  Madawaska County 
St. Jacques  Parish  Madawaska County 
St. James  Parish  Charlotte County 
St. Joseph  Parish  Madawaska County 
St. Leonard  Parish  Madawaska County 
St. Louis  Parish  Kent County 
St. Martins  Parish  Saint John County 
St. Patrick  Parish  Charlotte County 
St. Paul  Parish  Kent County 
St. Quentin  Parish  Restigouche County 
St. Stephen  Parish  Charlotte County 
Stanley  Parish  York County 
Ste. Anne  Parish  Madawaska County 
Studholm  Parish  Kings County 
Sussex  Parish  Kings County 
Upham  Parish  Kings County 
Wakefield  Parish  Carleton County 
Waterborough  Parish  Queens County 
Waterford  Parish  Kings County 
Weldford  Parish  Kent County 
Wellington  Parish  Kent County 
West Isles  Parish  Charlotte County 
Westfield  Parish  Kings County 
Westmorland  Parish  Westmorland County 
Wickham  Parish  Queens County 
Wicklow  Parish  Carleton County 
Wilmot  Parish  Carleton County 
Woodstock  Parish  Carleton County 

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