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There are records of WILLIAM BABCOCK ESQ. , his wife, Ann , and children Olena, Frederick Augustus, Charles Augustus , Mary Elizabeth, Sarah Ann, Albert Samuel and Caroline Ann living in St.Andrews,NB. There was another daughter, of whom I have no further info,not even a name.
I was determined to find out who they were and if they were from the same line as I am, i.e. from Jonathan Babcock b.1723 in Rhode Island,USA and was a Planter of Newport, NS in 1760....It took several years and trips to St.Andrews, NB , to Eastport,Maine, and to Bangor, Maine to find that he is not from my "Direct Line",but I hoped someday, to find his 'Link' to my Family Tree .... I was getting closer to the Link every year...Then in late 2003, the Lord Blessed me by having contact with Bob Espie of B.C.;and Bob found the information that I needed for William Babcock Esq.'s Babcock line and his 'Link' to my line . Finally, I have my answer after 11 years of research...

WILLIAM BABCOCK ESQ. was born 1781 in Augusta ,Maine,but by 1830 he was living in St.Andrews,NB , and had a business in shipbuilding. He married Ann "unknown" in Augusta, Maine , and some children were born in Augusta. William and Ann and family went to Bangor, Maine 1823/24 . Two children were born in Bangor, Maine. His parents are Henry Babcock (born 1751 in Boston, Mass) and Sarah Fisk . Henry Badcock is in the 1790 Census of Hallowell Township, Lincoln Co.,Maine. His uncle, John Badcock b. c.1757 is in the 1790 Census of Hallowell Township, Lincoln Co., Maine. His uncle, Samuel Badcock b.3 March, 1749 , and son, Samuel Badcock Jr. , are both in the 1790 Census of Hallowell Township, Lincoln Co.,Maine. His uncle was Jeremiah Babcock b. 1755 Boston, Massachusetts ; and Jeremiah was of Augusta, Maine, when he married at N.Easton,Bristol,Mass, in 1789 to Anna Pettingill, b.Dec 29,1753, Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts, d/o Benjamin Pettingill b. 16 Feb 1719 d. 1796 in Hallowell, Maine; and of his 2nd wife, (widow) Judith (Castle) Atherton. Jeremiah Badcock is in the 1790 Census of Hallowell Township,Lincoln Co.,Maine.One known daughter of Jeremiah and Anna Babcock is Mary Babcock (1794-1849), who is buried in the family plot of Mt.Hope cemetery in Bangor, Maine , with her 1st cousin , William Babcock Esquire and members of his family. Jeremiah Babcock died in N.Easton, Bristol, Mass.William's grandparents are Samuel Babcock b. 30 Nov, 1720 Boston,Mass, d. 17 March, 1810 Augusta,Maine ; and Sibyl Pratt b. 19 June, 1723 Needham, Mass , d. 12 Oct, 1767 ,d/o Henry Pratt b. 5 June,1685 in Hingham,Mass. - and Hannah 'unknown' . Samuel Babcock and Sibyl Pratt married 22 Nov, 1744 in Newton, Mass.In March 1782, Samuel's occupation is housewright . (See the end of this file, for the ancestry of William Babcock Esquire.) **

William Babcock Esq. married twice, 2nd time as a widower.He died at age 80 at Bangor,Maine on Jan 23,1862.William is buried in Mt.Hope Cemetery,Bangor, Maine with other family members in the large Family Plot ,Lot # 192CG The very large tombstone still stands in 2003 , and I have a photo .

**There are a total of 10 buried in this Family Plot*** They are William Babcock Esq. ; his son, Frederick Babcock ;his son, Charles Babcock ; his daughter, Caroline Babcock;his daughter-in-law, Mary (Marsh) Babcock ; his grandchildren- Annie, Frederick , and Augustus Babcock ;his grandson's wife, Edith Stevens; and the 10th person buried in this family plot is "Mary, daughter of Jeremiah, 1794-1849"..Mary is William's 1st cousin and d/o his uncle, Jeremiah Babcock....

William Babcock Esq. owned property on what is now the corner of Water and Harriet Streets in St.Andrews,NB.On March 8,1831 , 22 persons petitioned for land,including William Babcock. Waterfront of "Water Street", in Town plot of St.Andrews, intersected at right angles by "Harriet Street" leads towards, and juts on, the harbour of Saint Andrews. That "Harriet Street", from the place where it crosses "Water Street" down to the harbour, though not much used for travelling, has always been considered a public property and a part of "Harriet Street". Many persons (amongst them some of the Petitioners)had purchased lots of land, bounded by the said streets. That the lower part of "Harriet Street" is still used for purpose of a landing (as all streets similarly situated are).

In the Royal Gazette, it notes William Babcock & J.H.Olmstead are executors Jan 10, 1833 for the estate of George Case, late of West Isles,Charlotte County,NB. Noted in St.Andrews Herald on Jan 22,1833.

William Babcock Esq. 's wife , Ann (maiden name unknown ) b.1784 Augusta, Maine, d.Thursday evening, January 17, 1839, age 54 years, at St.Andrews. She is buried in St.Andrews Greenock Presbyterian cemetery. Royal Gazette states that she was a long time resident of St.Andrews,
and reared a large family. Her tombstone still stands in 2003 , and I have a Photo.

William Babcock Esq., merchant of St.Andrews,Charlotte Co,NB, at Stillwater, Orono,Maine, on Sept 25,1840 remarried to Miss Abby Babcock of Augusta, Maine. They were married by Rev.B.Tappan Jr of Hampden, Maine. These records are in Royal Gazette Volume 9.

Eldest child of William and Ann Babcock is Olena L. Babcock, b. June 16,1808 in Augusta, Maine. Olena d .June 17,1833 at St.Andrews, after 8 months illness,the day after her 25th birthday. She is buried in St.Andrews Greenock Presbyterian cemetery. Her tombstone still stands in 2003, and I have a photo.

William and Ann's son, Frederick Augustus Babcock b.1813 Augusta, Maine, married bef. 1839 to Eliza Berrington b.1816 England, d/o James and
Martha Berrington Esq. In the Royal Gazette, it states that in Bolton,Yorkshire, England on Tuesday, Feb 26,1839, Martha Berrington died, and was the parent of Mrs. F.A. Babcock. It notes "It is remarkable that both Mr. and Mrs.Babcock have, in the short space of one month,been bereaved of their mother." For the fiscal years ending 1841 and 1842, the annual reports for the St.Andrews Methodist Circuit, menttion that Frederick Augustus Babcock donated books to the Sunday School library. On May 18,1843, Frederick Babcock sold 2 lots at St.Andrews to the Methodist Church for use as a cemetery. The price was 5 shillings. The donation had been in planning for some time since it was mentioned the previous year, in the annual minutes of the New Brunswick Methodist District, May 26,1842. Frederick A. Babcock was a long time resident of St. Andrews, NB and had a large shipbuilding business in St.Andrews . Frederick Augustus Babcock d.Nov 21,1853 at Stoughton, Maine and he is buried in Mt.Hope Cemetery, Bangor, Maine, with his father, William Babcock, in the Family Plot. Frederick 's son , named William Babcock, was living in Bangor , Maine in 1853 , according to the probate records for his father . Frederick Augusta Babcock 's widow, Eliza remarried twice: Her 2nd husband was Edward Stinson of St.Andrews,NB.. Edward died and she married 3rd husband, Joseph Hamblett. Eliza died January 5,1885 at Benevolent Asylum, Melbourne, Australia, of apoplexy; leaving behind her husband. From Vital Records, Eastport, Maine ::::: Mr. Frederick Augustus Babcock , one of the persons injured by the collison on the Fall River Railroad NB, at Stoughton, a few weeks ago, died at Stoughton, on 21 Nov. 1853. The immediate cause of his death is supposed to have been internal injuries received by inhaling steam. He was a native of Bangor, Maine, but had been a resident for a long time of St.Andrews, New Brunswick ; where he was doing considerable business in ship building. From Probate Records in St.Andrews,NB ::::: (Book D pages 342, 343 Administration 1853) Frederick Augustus Babcock ; Registered 13 Dec.1853 ; To son, William Babcock of Bangor,in the state of Maine,USA ; Frederick Augustus Babcock of St.Andrews, NB died intestate.

William and Ann's son , Charles Augustus Babcock Esq. , b.1815 in Augusta,Maine He married at St.Andrews,NB on April 30,1845 to Mary Marsh, b.1824 England, d/o John Marsh of Bolton, Maine. William was of St.Andrews when they were married by Rev.T.McGhee. Charles and Mary and their 1st 3 children left St.Andrews for Bangor, Maine between 1848 and 1853. Charles died June 13, 1876 in Bangor,Maine. He is buried in Mt.Hope Cemetery, in Bangor, Maine, with his father, William Babcock, in the Family Plot. Mary Marsh, his wife, b.1824 d. Sept 11, 1898 ; and is also buried in the Family Plot at Mt.Hope cemetery, Bangor,Maine.

The 4 children of Charles and Mary Babcock are:

(i)James Frederick Babcock b. Feb 20, 1846 St. Andrews, NB d. Feb 27, 1913 Bangor,Maine;
(ii)Annie Mary Babcock b.1847 St. Andrews, NB d. Nov 13, 1883 Bangor,Maine;
(iii)Frederick Babcock b.1848 St. Andrews, NB d.1918 ;
(iv)Augustus Henry Babcock b.1853 Bangor, Maine d. Jan 19, 1918 Bangor, Maine.
Annie and Frederick , their children, are buried in the Family Plot with them in Mt.Hope cemetery, Bangor,Maine. Their son, Augustus Henry Babcock married at Bangor,Maine on 14 March,1895 to Edith Thaxter Stevens who was born 1859 at Eastport, Maine; died 1937; d/o John Barstow Stevens and Sarah Williams. Augustus and Edith are both buried in the same Family Plot in Mt.Hope cemetery, Bangor, Maine. Edward Blake Babcock s/o Augustus and Edith Babcock was born Dec, 1899 Bangor, Maine ; died June 26, 1927 Jackman,Maine; buried originally at Mt Hope cemetery, Bangor,Maine but Oct 25, 1985 he was moved to cemetery at Mt Desert , Maine. Mary (Marsh) Babcock is in the 1880 Bangor,Maine Census , age 54 ,widow, keeping house. In the same household is her son, James Frederick Babcock , age 33, born New Brunswick, a Dentist ; her daughter, Annie Mary Babcock , age 30, born in New Brunswick, at home; her son, Augustus Henry Babcock , age 26, born in Maine , Coal Dealer ; & a servant , Louise Deboise, age 26, born NB.

William and Ann's daughter, Sarah Ann Babcock, b. c. 1820 Augusta, Maine; was of St.Andrews, NB when she married on May 2,1841
at St.Andrews,Charlotte County,NB to Isaac M. Bragg., of Orono,Maine. They were married by Rev. A.McLean. This record is in NB Courier of May 15,1841.

William and Ann's daughter, Mary Elizabeth Babcock, b. c. 1822 in Augusta, Maine married at St. Andrews,NB on May 30, 1840 by Rev. Alex Mclean , to Alexander C.O. Trentowsky of Saint John, NB. Royal Gazette notes that she is the 4th daughter of William Babcock Esq.

William and Ann's son, Albert Samuel Babcock, b.1825 in Bangor,Maine ; d. 28 April, 1856 at Sacramento, California, age 30, previously of St. Andrews, Charlotte Co, New Brunswick. Record in Vital Statistics from NB Newspapers , Vol. 16 on 5 July,1856.

William and Ann's daughter, Caroline Ann Babcock, b. 1826 in Bangor, Maine d.age 22 on Oct 25,1848 at Bangor,Maine. She is buried in the Family Plot at Mt.Hope cemetery , Bangor, Maine, with her father. Royal Gazette notes that she is the 5th daughter of William Babcock Esq.

**According to Royal Gazette -- Mary Elizabeth is 4th and Caroline is 5th d/o William Babcock.
*** Therefore there must be another daughter.?? and possibly born between the years of 1808 and 1813 in Maine, and died in Maine , as there is no record in St.Andrews, NB of children born during those years ***


DAVID BADCOCK b. c. 1586 Essex County, England ; d. 1640 in Milton, Mass, USA. David Badcock was a member of the church of Dorchester, Mass. in 1640. He and wife, Mary (unknown) , b. England ; died 1650 Dorchester, Mass., USA. They came to Massachusetts, U.S.A. in the mid 1630's with their 3 sons. They had 3 sons, all born in Essex County, England :
George Badcock b. 1608 d. Sept 1671 Dorchester, Mass ;
Robert Badcock b. 1610 d. 12 Nov 1694 Milton, Mass ;
James Badcock b. 1612 d. 12 June 1679 Westerly, Rhode Island.

ROBERT BADCOCK b. 1 Jan, 1610 Essex County, England ; d. 12 Nov, 1694 Milton, Mass ; married in 1649 at Dorchester, Massachusetts to Joanna Phillips b. c. 1629 England ; d. 4 Dec 1700 Milton, Mass; d/o John & Joanna Phillips. They had 10 children , all born in Dorchester, Massachusetts :
Samuel Badcock b. 7 July, 1650
Jonathan Badcock b. 7 March 1652
James Badcock b. 12 Jan 1654
Abigail Badcock b. 27 April 1656
Nathaniel Badcock b. 14 March 1658
Caleb Badcock b. 14 Aug, 1660
Ebenezer Badcock b.2 Oct, 1662
Hopestill Badcock b. 8 Feb 1664
Hannah Badcock b. 8 Feb 1664
Elizabeth Badcock b. 24 Dec 1666
Thankful Badcock b. 18 Feb 1668/69

SAMUEL BADCOCK b. 7 July, 1650 Dorchester, Massachusetts ; died 17 Sept, 1690 Milton, Mass; Baptized 7 July, 1650 Dorchester, Mass ; Married 1 July , 1674 in Milton , Massachusetts to Hannah Ames b. 12 May , 1641 Braintree , Mass. ; died 13 Nov, 1723 Milton, Mass. They had 6 children , all born in Milton ,Massachusetts :
Hannah Babcock b. 23 May, 1675
James Babcock b. 28 March, 1677
Mary Babcock b. 29 June, 1680
John Babcock b. 21 Nov 1682
Elizabeth Babcock b. 10 March 1686
Samuel Babcock b. 1691

SAMUEL BABCOCK b. 1691 Milton , Massachusetts ; died 25 October, 1721 ; Married in 1718 (residence Boston, Mass) to Martha Keally (residence Newton, Mass). They had 2 children , born in Boston, Massachusetts :
Rebecca Babcock b. 25 Nov, 1718
Samuel Babcock b. 30 Nov 1720
After Samuel's death in 1721, Martha (Keally) Babcock remarried to George Collings on 4 June, 1734.

SAMUEL BABCOCK b. 30 Nov, 1720 Boston, Massachusetts ; died 17 March 1810 Augusta, Maine. Married on 22 Nov, 1744 in Newton, Mass , to Sybil Pratt b. 19 June, 1723 Needham, Mass; d. 12 Oct,1767; d/o Henry Pratt b. 5 June,1685 in Hingham,Mass. - and Hannah___ .
Samuel's occupation in March of 1782 is housewright. They had 9 children , all born in Boston, Massachusetts :
Sibil Babcock b. 28 Feb 1745 died young
Martha Babcock b. 14 Feb, 1747
Samuel Babcock b. 3 March, 1749
Henry Babcock b. 1751
Sibil Babcock b. 1753 died young
Jeremiah Babcock b. 1755
John Babcock b. 1757
Mercy Babcock b. 1759
Sibil Babcock b. 1760

HENRY BABCOCK b. 1751 Boston, Massachusetts ; married Sarah Fisk ; lived in Augusta, Maine.

WILLIAM BABCOCK b. 1781 in Augusta, Maine ; died 23 Jan, 1862 at Bangor, Maine