Grantees of St. Andrews

. The list of of Grantees below, came primarily from the book, The Diverting History of a Loyalist Town, by Grace Helen Mowat (first published in 1932, and the third publication in 1976.) The latter publication adding more recent history on the homes, etc. of St. Andrews. This is a book, well worth reading for anyone interested in St. Andrews.

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A D J Mc (cont R (cont)
Jean Adams David Daltey William Jackson John McGear Henry Ross
Jacob Akehorn Charles Darby George Johnson John McIntire John Ross
Jacob Akehorn, Jr Honor Davis James Joice Duncan McIntire Thomas Ross
William Anstruther George Dawson John Jones John McIntosh Michael Ryan
Andrew Arnold Thomas Days K Lochlan McKinnie James Russell
David Arnot Christopher Derrick Samuel Kelly Donald McKinzie S
B John Dixon William Kelly Daniel McLaughlin Maurice Salt
Nathaniel Bailey William Dixon Sarah Kenney Donald McLean Matthew Scallion
Edmund Bailey Alexander Dobin James Kervin Alexander McLeod James Scott, Jr
Samuel Bailey Thomas Dodd L Robert McLellis John Scott
James Banks John Dogget Hugh Lammey Hugh McLeod James Scott
Joseph Baker Edward Dogherty John Lay Alexander McLean John Shaw
John Barber James Douty Daniel Leaman Daniel McMasters Samuel Sheppard
William Barnsfair Jon Dowling George Lights Alexander McMullin Joseph Sheppard
John Batie John Dunbarr John Lillie James McNabb David Shields
John Bean John Dunn Matthew Limeburner John McNichol John Shields
Thomas Belle Charles Dupnack Mark Linisdon Hugh McPhales John Sighensparker
John Bennett E Ebenezer Linkliter Duncan McVicker James Simmons
Moses Bernard David Eastman Zebedee Linnikin James McVean Robert Simms
Joseph Betson Rebeccah Eldridge Hugh Linsey N Michael Simpson
John Boldin Hugh Ellis William Linsey Joseph Nash William Skelton
John Bowen Joseph Ellison Peter Littlejohn John Nason John Smyth
Susannah Boyce Thomas Emerson Thomas Littlejohn William Nial James Smith
Richard Brady F William Lowther James Nicholson Joseph Smith
Richard Braddy Peter Ferdinand M Francis Norwood John A. Sowers
Benjamin Bradford Alexander Ferguson Richard Maher Gustavus Norwood William Spencer
Joab Bragg James Ferran Nehemial Marks James Norwood Samuel Spencer
Daniel Brown John Fisher Andrew Martin Jonathan Norwood William Stevens
James Brown Richard Fleming John Matherson Jonathan Norwood, Jr Hugh Stewart
John Brown David Fogo Silas Mawby Samuel Norwood Charles Stewart
Joshua Brown Josiah Fowler James Melaney O Duncan Stewart
Thomas Brown John Fraser John Meloney Samuel Osburne Stinson Stewart
Benjamin Burgess G William Merchie P Balshazer Stilkey
Philip Burns William Gallop Archibald Merphy Joseph Paddock James Stinson
C William Gammon Robert Merril John Pagan Allen Stuart
John Calf (Caleff) William Gammon, Jr Benjamin Milliken Robert Pagan James Stuart
Patrick Callaborn William George Benjamin Milliken, Jr Robert Pagan, Jr Wilfiam Stuart
Alexander Cameron Moses Gerrish Thomas Mitchell Thomas Pagan William Swaine
Donald Cameron John Gilis Sarah Montgomery William Pagan Bryan Sweeney
Duncan Cameron Edward Gillinore William Moore Tabitha Parsons John Symons
Archibald Campbell Thomas Grace Charles Morris, Jr William Patten T
   Colin Campbell Daniel Grant Thomas Morris Archibald Patterson John Taylor
   Colin Campbell, Jr Hugh Grant William Morris Thos.  Patterson Gillam Taylor
   Donald Campbell William Grant Alexander Morrison Andrew Pattin Ralph Taylor
   John Campbell John Gray William Morrison Benjamin Pepper Dugal Thompson
   Duncan Campbell Alexander Greenlow David Mowatt James Percy James Thompson
John Carlow Ebenezer Greenlow Finley Mulcman Andrew Peters Matthew Thornton
Martin Carlow Jonathan Greenlow Robert Muncur James Philips Francis Tipping
Charles Carrick James Griffison Mac Nathan Philips Thomas Tompkins
Roart Cellars George Gunn Neal MacBean Thomas Philips William Towers
William Chenay H Roderick MacClellan Hybecker Pine John Trot
William Chenay, Jr Nathaniel Haley Thomas Mackay Benjamin Pomeroy Samuel Trot
John H. Clarn Thomas Haley Alexander MacNevin Richard Pomeroy James Turner
W. Clapton John Hall Evan MacPherson Dennis Post Nicholas Turner
John Clayton James Hamilton Mc Miles Post Thomas Turner
Peter Clinch Robert Hamilton David McAchrow Jeremiah Pote William Turner
Robert Conner James Hammon David McAllew Avis Preble Samuel Turner
James Collins Zebedee Hammon Alexander McBean John Priest V
John Collins Martin Haymas Robert McCarter R Peter Vallet
John Conner Hugh Henderson Humphrey McCollin Daniel Ray William Vance
William Cookson John Hervey Peter McCollin William Readhead Robert Varden
John Crafford Maurice Hinley Laughlin McCurdy Jonathan Rementon W
David Craize (Craig) Ludovick Hildebron Neal McCurdy John Rigby John Wall
Robinson Crocker Amos Hitchings William McCluskey Hyronimus Riter James Waller
Joseph Crookshank David Hill Angus McDonald John Roax James Wardwell
Silas Cummings William Holmes Joseph McDonald Timothy Roax Susannah Webb
John Curry Frederick Horn Peter McDirmurd Stephen Roberts Francis Welsh
  I John McDugal Alexander Robinson Thomas Wier
  Esther Ingerson John McElreah John Robinson George Wilie
    John McFale Daniel Ross Archibald Willison
    Duncan McFarlane Edward Ross Thomas Wilson
        Matthew Wingood
        George Wisely
        David Wyer
        John Yearston
        Jacob Young
        James Young

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