ROBERT PAGAN, Industrialist

            By the year 1790 the small community of St. Andrews was a thriving town. The  active industries at the time were shipbuilding and  lumbering and as a result a strong  commerce center grew. The town's growth was mainly due to one man an industrialist  named Robert Pagan.

            Robert had three brothers named William, John, and Thomas. The four brothers were from a successful Scottish merchant family. The family immigrated and founded St. Andrews during the Revolutionary War.  The Pagan family's diverse commercial interests included lumber, fishing, dry goods, and shipbuilding. Later on the company established a weekly packet service from St Andrews to Saint John.

            Robert Pagan was also active in politics and represented Charlotte County in the  House of Assembly for thirty-five (35) years. By 1810 Pagan was one of the richest men in  New Brunswick and helped found the province's first bank as well as St. Andrew's First  Presbyterian Church. Robert Pagan died in 1821.

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