From: "Directory Of Irish Family Research," Subscribers' Interest List Number 15, 1992,"

(Balmoral Buildings, College Square, Belfast: Ulster Historical Foundation), p. 63.

Courtesy of Bill Tufts

WE. the Cabin and Steerage Passengers on board the Brig DORCAS SAVAGE, from Portaferry to St. Andrew's, (sic) New Brunswick, deeply impressed with the gratitude we owe CAPTAIN POLLOCK, for his very kind treatment to us during the Passage of Thirty-six days, beg to offer to him our sincere and unfeigned thanks, and assure him his great civilty never can be erased from our memory. We further beg to assure him, that we are fully aware that our comfort was his chief study, and in which he so well succeeded, by keeping good order and cleanliness, together with water and fuel in abundance, that no person has been afflicted (exrept (sic) with sea sickness) during the Passage. In addition to the many obligations we are under to him for his paternal care, we would feel doubly gratified by his having the goodness to publish these our united thanks in the Newspapers and Hand-bills at home, as a guide to any of our friends who may wish for a safe and speedy passage to America, being in no Vessel can they be more comfortably birthed (sic), or better treated, than on the Brig DORCAS SAVAGE, with CAPTAIN POLLOCK.

ST. ANDREW'S (sic), 4th June, 1818.

Rob. Brown Johnston
John Wilson and family
Thomas Cochran, Mathew (sic) Downey,
Andrew Byers, James Smyth,
John Dickson, James Magee,
Leslie Coulter, Pat. M'Grath,
Richard Polly and family, John Seed,
Jno. Reynolds and family, Michael Hughes,
Samuel Shanks, John Miskelly
James M'Harg and family, Thomas Jones and family,
William Crangie, John Ramsey,
James Murnan, John M'Kevers,\
Henry Murney, Eliz. Mateer and family,
Henry Seed, James Graham and family,
Daniel Taggart, Andw. Cavanagh and family,
Hugh Taggart, John Coats and family,
John Hughes, John Cosbey and family,
Sam. Seed and family,  

(A Copy.)