In 1785, as part of the formation of the new province of New Brunswick, Charlotte County was established as one of the original counties.  Seven original  parishes were set off but they did not include all the lands assigned to the County. These 7 parishes were later subdivided as warranted by population increases. Today in the year 2002, Charlotte County has 15 parishes.

ST. STEPHEN - set off nearly as is today, but for a period (1813-1873) it included lands that are now  in other areas.

ST. DAVID - Nearly as at present

ST. ANDREWS - Nearly as at present, but included St. Croix

ST. PATRICK - Nearly as at present, but did not extend as far north.  In 1814 it extended to the County line thus took in Dumbarton

ST. GEORGE - Extended only about half its northern depth until 1814

PENNFIELD - Included Lepreau, and assumed to extend north to County line in 1814

WEST ISLES - Included Campobello until 1803, Grand Manan until 1816, Moose, Frederick and Dudley Islands until they were transfered to the US in 1817

CAMPOBELLO - Set off in 1823 from West Isles, as at present

GRAND MANAN - Set off in 1823 from West Isles, as at present

ST. JAMES - Set off in 1823 from unassigned lands and part of St. Stephen

DUMBARTON - Set off in 1856 from St. Patrick

LEPREAU - Set off in 1859 from Pennfield

CLARENDON - Set off in 1869 from unassigned land (* or Pennfield and Lepreau)

DUFFERIN - Set off in 1873 from St. Stephen

ST. CROIX - Set off in 1874 from St. Andrews, altered slightly in 1896

(* see Clarendon - No legal justification was found to credit these lands to Pennfield although maps credit  them  to this Parish after 1814.)

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