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On this site, in all items from official records - the original spelling is followed, and no attempt is made to correct errors appearing in the records on this site.

The various spellings of a name should be examined, as items about the same family or individual may be found under different spellings. This is a CRITICAL statement in genealogical research!  (See Occupation - Census Taker Below)

NO correction of names that appear to be mispelled in the census have been altered. 

Addeline = Adeline/Adaline  Amey = Amy
Clarah = Clara Donal = Donald
Elen = Ellen  Estela = Estella
Eles = Alice Eveline = Evelyn
Gladace = Gladys Grove = Grovenor
Isebela = Isabella/Isabel  Mable = Mabel
Sibbell = Sybil Unis = Eunice

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The keyword(s) Worthington Hills Cemetery will find messages containing Worthington,  or Hills, or Cemetery. Adding the BOOLEAN quotation marks to the search string, "Worthington Hills Cemetery", will return only messages in which that exact phrase appears.

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A minus sign (-) in front of a word means that any page that has that word is excluded from the list of  matches. For example, "Morgan County" -Roberts will return messages containing the phrase "Morgan County", that DO NOT contain the word, Roberts.

Ocupsyshun - Census Taker

"I am a sensus taker for the city of Bufflow.  Our sity has groan verry fast in resent years &  now in 1865, it has become a hard & time konsuming job to kount all the peephill. There  are not many that kan do this werk, as it is nesessarie to have an ejucashun, wich a lot of pursons still do not have. Anuther atribeart needed for this job is god spelling, for meny of the pephill to be kounted can hardle speek inglish, let alon spel there names!

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