St. Andrews Parish Military & Muster Rolls

Roll of the Disbanded 74th Regt.
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Roll of the Disbanded Men, Women and Children of the 74th Regt. present at St. Andrews, Passamaquoddy Bay, Nova Scotia, May 24th 1784

Alexander Ferguson Rachael Campbell Sally McCullum
John Campbell Peggy Clarke Jannet McCullum
Peter McCallum Mary McDugald Duncan McCullum
Alex'r. McNiven Catherine McCallum Ronald Campbell
James Grierson Marg't. Campbell Seb. McLean
William Morrison Jannet Dick Peggy McLean
John McCallum Senr. Susannah Irving Mary Calder
John McCallum Junr. Marg't. McVail Betty McLean
Donald Grant Marg't Cummings Henry Smith
Angus Rankin Agnes Calder William Stewart
Arch'd. McMillan Rachel Dobbie Peggy McCorquodale
John McDougald Molly Craig William Mathew
Dougald Clarke Jean McFarlane Betty Mathew
John Campbell Mary McDonald Catharine Lindsay
Thomas Irving Caht'ne. McLellan Rob't. Stewart
John Dick Isabel Henderson Arthur McCallum
James Dick Jane Smith James Clarke
Robert Sellars Mary McCorquodale Jannet Clarke
Duncan Smith Catharine Stewart Cath'rn. McDougald
John McBane Susannah McColl Jannet McDougald
Wm. Miller Charity McFarlane Susannah Campbell
James Wyse Rachel Carrick John Campbell
Walter Taylor Abigail McPhail John Dick
John McCaula Eliz. McFarlane Fanny Dick
Wm. Ramsay Holiday Scott Peggy McPhail
John Scott Peggy Lindsay John Cummings
John Symond Peggy McLean William Calder
Robert McLellan Susannah McLean Robert Calder
Joseph McKay Mary Ferguson Young Calder
John McIlroy Caht'ne. Stewart Murray Smith
Donald McKenzie Holiday McVicar John McLellan
James Stewart Marg't. Campbell Donald McLellan
John Fairweather   Janet Craig
John Boyd   David Craig
John Watt   Mary McCorquodale
Robert Watt   David McCorquodale
Neil McEchran   Annie McColl
Thomas Clarke   Eliz. McFarlane
Charles Chatty   John McFarlane
John Cummings   Nebby Scott
Duncan McVicar   Nebby McPhail
Arch'd. Campbell   Peggy Lindsay
Donald McLachlan   Mary Lindsay
Neile Brown   Murdock McLean
Nivon McVicar   John Dobbie
Duncan Cameron   Peggy McLean
James Miller   Nancy McPhail
Robert Calder    
John Campbell    
John McLean    
John Black    
John White    
Walter Cochran    
Donald McInish    
William Davis    
Peter Sutherland    
Peter Barr    
Thomas McIntosh    
Peter McDermaid    
Duncan Dermaid    
Donald Mallock    
Alex McTavish    
Donald Doer    
Peter Fisher    
John Johnson    
John Dobbie    
James Long    
Thomas Frost    
James Fleming    
Arch'd. McIntyre    
John McIntyre    
Peter McDonald    
Finlay McLean    
David Carmichael    
Hugh McFarlane    
Peter McDonald    
David Craig    
Mark Lunsdon    
Arch'd. Williamson    
David Little    
Hugh Henderson    
James Smith    
Alex'r. Stewart    
John McLellan    
John Cockburne    
Peter McIntyre    
John McIntyre    
Don'd. McIntyre    
Peter McLellan    
Rob't. Thompson    
Dug'd. Carmichael    
John Laire    
Hugh Campbell    
Alex'r. Cameron    
Alex'r. McFarlane    
Charles Carrick    
James Young    
James McVane    
Hugh McVial    
Walter McFarlane    
James Scott    
William Mathew    
Alex Jaffrie    
Robert Cowie    
Alex McArthur    
Duncan McFarlane    
Alex McLean    
Robert Lindsay    
Donald McLean    
John Munroe    
Alexander Ross    
James Wyre    
James Anderson    
William Cummings    
Arch'd. Johnson    
Thomas Stewart    
Alex Cameron    
Duncan Stewart    
Donald McLean    
Allan Stewart    
John Campbell    
John Stewart    

(Signed) Don'd. McLeanLt. late 74th Regt.

(Signed) Dun'n. Stewart Lt. late 74 Regt.

I do certify that the foregoing names Men, Women and Children are actually present and are
by the King's Instructions entitled to their Proportion of the Royal Bounty. Saint Andrews 24th May 1784

Gillam Tailer A.C.

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