St. Croix Parish Villages
Last Updated Jan 2008

The following villages/area are located in St. Croix Parish. If you see one missing, please drop me a note.

Bartlett Mills Located in St. Croix Parish, Bartlett Mills  is located on Goldsmiths Stream,  which  flows from  Goldsmiths Lake into the Waweig River.

As a school district from from the 1870's to the 1970's, it was bounded on the north by the district of Waweig,   on the west by the Waweig river, and on the south by  the Bayside school district , north of St. Andrews, NB.   Bartlett Mills was named after  Leonard Bartlett (1779-1854), who emigrated with his family from Alna, Maine to this part of Charlotte county in 1808.  His father Caleb  and brother  Caleb also emigrated  from Alna to this section of Charlotte county  at  about this same date. His brother Caleb and family settled in the the community of Waweig.

Prior to !821,  Leonard Bartlett erected a  dam on Goldsmiths stream, and  built a carding mill, a sawmill,  grist  mill, and  eventually lumber finishing  mill. The  St. Andrews-Quebec  railway line, started in  1852, which ran through Bartlett Mills, became part of the CPR railway line in  1877.  The flag station  on this line with its rail siding was always know as  Bartlett.  A Baptist church was built at Bartlett Mills in 1888. The population of Bartlett Mills in 1898 was 150.

Bartlett Mills had it own post office from 1877-1915  and a store.  A  private Bartlett Family Cemetery was located on the Leonard Bartlett property. During the 1960's when  Route 1  from St. Stephen to St. Andrews was  changed and run through
Bartlett Mills to St. George from St. Stephen,  the cemetery was relocated at the junction on of Route 1 and Route 127.

Bartlett Station  
Bayside Settlement on the north side of the St. Croix River, about 6 miles north of Saint Andrews. It's a farming community that had a population of about 300 in 1871. In 1904 Bayside had 1 post office and included Lower bayside.
Chamcook Lake
Dochet Island Island a/k/a St. Croix Island
Gibson Lake
Goldsmith Lake
Lil. Chamcook Lake
Limeburners Mountain
Long Lake
Lower Bayside  
Roix Road  
Sandy Point spot (a sandy place ) just where the Sandy Point Cemetery is located. There used to be a sandbar there on the river at one time
Upper Bayside  
Waweig 2 miles north of Bartlett Mills, it is a farming/lumbering settlement of about 95 families. There is a church and a post office, in the area and a stop along the Canadian Pacific Railway was named for John Roix (Roix Road) a local settler. In 1871 it had a population of about 200, and in 1898 about 100 people.
Welch Lake


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