Mounted 26 June 2001

          About 1 mile west of Scotch Ridge within Saint James Parish, Charlotte County, is the settlement of Pomeroy Ridge.   Pomeroy Ridge is a community first settled by the Pomeroy family in 1809 and is located 8 miles west of the town of St.Stephen.  It lies on the west end of highway 735 that originates in St.Stephen and ends at the St.Croix River. From 1855 until 1914, Pomeroy Ridge had it's own post office.  In 1866 there were about 37 families that included John, John M, Joseph Y., Benjamin and Peter Pomeroy.  In addition it also included the small community of Clarke's Point, which claimed Marshall R and Samuel J. Clarke as residents.  There was one post office and one church in Pomeroy Ridge that serviced a population of about 150 people in 1898 and  was a farming and lumbering area.

             This map of Pomeroy Ridge marks the original home sites with the names of the first families that settled there.  The map shows an evolving community; not only does it name the original settlers but it also marks where the church, school, cemetery and fire hall are located.  The latter was built in 1969 and its volunteer force serves Western Charlotte County.  The school and church were both built in the early 1900s but the exact dates are not known.

             An Index accompanies each map naming all the families that have lived in each house up to several years ago.  There are other newer homes in these three communities but they are not recorded here as the purpose of the maps and indices to families is for genealogical study and not to act as a community directory.

             The purpose of this posting to the St.James web site is to give anyone who has ancestors from this area some idea of what the communities look like. For all the people who are living in far flung parts of the continent and have never been to these places, it is hoped that you will enjoy the experience of a brief visit to your roots.

             A sincere thank you to Charlie Smith for his kind permission to let us use the maps which were taken from the covers of his two books:  the first one HOME   Pomeroy Ridge was published in 1997 and the second, titled HOME   Scotch Ridge and Gleason Road published in 1999. Charlie was born and raised on Pomeroy Ridge and he is currently planning another book that will contain a history of the families of Pomeroy Ridge only.   He would really appreciate receiving any family history data that anyone would like to share with him.