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  The Memoirs of Annie M. Holt and the
People of Bocabec, Past and Present
Posted 3 Dec 2000

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    The Memoirs of Annie M. Holt and the People of Bocabec, Past and Present is a small book that was written by the late Annie May Holt (1880 - 1973) of Bocabec, N. B. and published  in 1968 by the New Brunswick Historical Society. It has a wealth of information on the history and genealogy of Bocabec. The Society has kindly granted permission to post the complete text of the book to this web site.
    The book consists of typed legal-sized pages. The main text has 23 pages numbered 1 through 22 plus 20A, and there are 3 pages of corrections. The final correction page also has a postscript containing acknowledgments and a few omitted facts. The book is essentially a journey through the roads of Bocabec. At each stop, it describes the families that live (in 1968) or had lived there. By my count, roughly one thousand people are mentioned. There are few dates, but I know that many of the families date well back into the 1800s; others were modern (in 1968). The language is unusual with many incomplete sentences that omit words such as "the". As well, colons are often used in place of semi-colons.

    Two copies of the original book are available at the Provincial Archives of New Brunswick under the catalogue descriptions "Holt, Annie: Memoirs F773" and "Holt, Annie: Story of Bocabec F966"

    The transcription was made by scanning and OCRing a photocopy of the original book. It was then manually proofread twice. The original line layout has been preserved. For convenience, marginal line numbers have been added; however, they do not correspond to the line numbers used in the correction pages. The corrections have been incorporated into the main text as follows: deleted words have been struck out and additions have been italicized. Transcriber's notes are in [square brackets]. There are two transcription formats:
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    I am working on a name and subject index.
Errors and Additions
    If you have questions about the accuracy of any passage, please feel free to contact me and I will double-check with the original. If it turns out that there are errors or omissions in the original, my policy will be as follows:
    Please direct any copyright questions to the New Brunswick Historical Society. Their current address can be found in the New Brunswick Heritage Source Book from the Government of New Brunswick site.

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