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1891 Census
Posted 23 Apr 2001

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    The tables on the attached pages are transcriptions from the 1891 census of Saint Patrick Parish in Charlotte County, New Brunswick, Canada which was enumerated from April 7 to May 8, 1891 by John W. Stevenson as part of the nation-wide third Census of Canada. The transcription was made by Craig Walsh from photocopies of National Archives of Canada microfilm reel T-6299. The transcription is exact, including abbreviations, spelling, capitalization, ditto marks and dashes from the original, but most punctuation has been eliminated. No abbreviations or ditto marks have been added.

Page and Column Headings

    Page headings are given as in the bilingual original except that underlining has been used to indicate text that was written in by hand by the enumerator. Column headings and numbers are also as in the original, except that French text has been omitted. Some longer headings have been replaced by asterisks to conserve space. The original headings were:
1: Vessels and Shanties.
2: Houses in construction.
3: Houses uninhabited.
4: Houses inhabited.
5: Families.
7: SEX.
8: AGE.
9: Married or Widowed.
10: Relation to Head of Family.
11: Country or Province of Birth.
12: French Canadian.
13: Place of Birth of Father.
14: Place of Birth of Mother.
16: Profession, Occupation or Trade.
17: Employers.
18: Wage Earner.
19: Unemployed during week preceding Census.
20: Employer to state average number of hands employed during year.
21: INSTRUCTION. : Read.
22: INSTRUCTION. : Write.
23: INFIRMITIES. : Deaf and Dumb.
24: INFIRMITIES. : Blind.
25: INFIRMITIES. : Unsound Mind.

Columns 1, 2, 12, and 17 to 25 have been omitted from this transcription. Columns 1, 2, and 12 had no entries.

Page Numbers and Line Numbers

    There were 37 pages in total and each page had lines numbered from 1 to 25. The line numbers were transcribed with a prefixed page number for convenience. The enumerator filled up each page with 25 people so some families are spread across two pages. The final page ends at line 21 and the remaining lines have been transcribed as [b/l] for blank line.


    Overall, the original document was clearly written and easy to read. Most lower case letters were legible, but some upper case initials were difficult to decipher. In particular, the initials H, M, and W could not always be distinguished. Capitals B and D were also hard to tell apart when used as initials. There were naturally some odd spellings, but for the most part the spelling was modern and consistent.

    Transcriber's notes are in square brackets. In particular, "[same]" indicates that an age was repeated from one line to the next in the original. Questions marks have been added for unclear words or letters. There were no question marks in the original.

    Columns 4 and 5, for uninhabited and inhabited houses, were filled in with a letter code representing the type of house and a fraction where the numerator was the number of stories and the denominator was the number of rooms. Only the letter code has been transcribed. It was "W", for "wooden house", in all cases.

    The initial transcription was printed on paper and proofread against the photocopied microfilm. Typos were corrected and then the process was repeated a second time.


    The point of the copyright notices is that you may not sell this transcription or repost it to another website. You are permitted to use the information itself, to quote reasonably short excerpts, and to download the html files for personal noncommercial use.

Transcribed by Craig Walsh.

Copyright 2001
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