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Hutchinson's Directory
Posted 5 Nov 2000

The Hutchinson's New Brunswick Directory was published for 1865-66 and 1867-68. It contained alphabetical lists of residents with their occupations, organized by community. The only Saint Patrick Parish community was Bocabec. The directory also included a sub-community called "Grove Settlement." In the 1865-66 edition it was indicated by "(Grove set)." after the names of four people, and in the 1867-68 edition it was given in a separate list with fourteen people. This is the only reference to Grove Settlement that I've ever seen.

The entries from both editions are reproduced below verbatim, although the columns are not exactly as in the original and I have broken each list into groups of five (mainly to preserve my own sanity when transcribing). The 1865-66 list had periods after each entry and was slightly out of alphabetical order. Also, the punctuation was inconsistent with Grove Settlement. The 1867-68 list did not have periods after each entry.

1865-66, pages 508-9. (86 people)

Appleby John, farmer.
Bell James, farmer.
Bell James, jun., farmer.
Bell John, farmer.
Bell Robert, farmer.

Boyd Alexander, farmer.
Boyd Andrew, farmer.
Brownrig Jeremiah, farmer.
Brownrig Nicholas, farmer.
Brownrig Thomas, farmer.

Cammack James, farmer.
Cathcart John, farmer.
Crawley James, farmer.
Crawley John, farmer.
Crawley Peter, farmer.

Crecey John, farmer.
Crecey William, farmer.
Creighton David, farmer.
Cunningham William, blacksmith.
Dawson John, joiner.

Else George E., joiner.
Erskine John, farmer.
Erskine Samuel, farmer.
ERSKINE WILLIAM, way office keeper.
Foster Elias, joiner.

Glass Robert, farmer.
Groom William, farmer.
Hanson David, farmer.
Haley Edward, farmer.
Hanson Eli, farmer.

Hanson Elisha, farmer.
Hanson Hiram, joiner.
Hanson James, farmer.
Hanson Jeremiah, farmer.
Hanson Jeremiah M., shoemaker.

Hanson John, farmer.
Hanson Joshua, farmer.
Hanson Moses, joiner.
Hanson William, farmer.
Haley William, storekeeper.

Henry Daniel, farmer.
Henry Edward, blacksmith.
Henry George, shoemaker.
Herbison John, farmer.
Irving Edward, farmer.

Johnston James, farmer.
Kerr Robert, farmer.
Kerr Stuart, farmer.
Linton James, farmer.
Linton James, jun., farmer.

Linton Joseph, farmer.
Louden Edward, farmer.
Maxwell Edward, farmer.
McCarroll John, weaver.
McCarroll Michael, farmer.

McCibbon Samuel, farmer.
McCullough Jas, farmer, (Grove set.)
McCullough John, farmer, (Grove set.)
McCullough Joseph, farmer.
McCullough Matthew, farmer.

McKay Gordon, storekeeper.
McLaughlin Patrick, shoemaker.
McMillan James, farmer.
McMullen John [no comma] mariner.
McLaughlin Patrick, jun., farmer.

Millan Rev. William. (Pres).
Milligan Robert, tailor.
Milligan William, tailor.
Mitchell Beavery, farmer.
O'Brine Daniel, farmer.

Orr James, farmer, (Grove set).
Orr James, jun., farmer.
Orr John, farmer.
Orr Samuel, weaver (Grove set).
Orr Thomas, farmer.

Pye John, joiner.
Pye William, farmer.
Purvis Robert, farmer.
Purvis William, farmer.
Quinn Francis, farmer.

Reid James, farmer.
Reid William, farmer.
Taggart John, farmer.
Turner Richard, farmer.
Turner Samuel, farmer.

Wallace Thomas, farmer.

1867-68, pages 373-4. (109 people)

Appleby John, farmer
Bell James, farmer
Bell James, jun., farmer
Bell John, farmer
Bell Robert, farmer

Boyd Alexander, farmer
Boyd Andrew, farmer
Brownrig Jeremiah, farmer
Brownrig Nicholas, farmer
Brownrig Thomas, farmer

Cammack James, farmer
Cammack Samuel, farmer
Cathcart John, farmer
Crawley Edward, farmer
Crawley James, farmer

Crawley John, farmer
Crawley Peter, farmer
Crecey John, farmer
Crecey William, farmer
Creighton David, farmer

Cunningham William, blacksmith
Dawson John, joiner
Else George E., joiner
Erskine John, farmer
Erskine Samuel, farmer

ERSKINE WILLIAM, way office keeper
Foster Elias, joiner
Frazer Sarah E., schoolteacher
Glass Robert, farmer
Groom William, farmer

Hanson Albert D., farmer
Hanson Darius, farmer
Hanson David, farmer
Hanson Eli, farmer
Hanson Elisha, farmer

Hanson Hiram, joiner
Hanson Jacob, farmer
Hanson James, farmer
Hanson Jeremiah, farmer
Hanson Jeremiah M., shoemaker

Hanson John, farmer
Hanson Joshua, farmer
Hanson Moses, joiner
Hanson Richard B., farmer
Hanson William, sen., farmer

Hanson William, farmer
Haley Edward, farmer
Haley William, storekeeper
Henry Daniel, farmer
Henry Edward, blacksmith

Henry George, shoemaker
Herbison John, farmer
Irving Edward, farmer
Johnston James, farmer
Kerr Robert, farmer

Kerr Stuart, farmer
Linton James, farmer
Linton James, jun., farmer
Linton Joseph, farmer
Louden Edward, farmer

Mann H. H., school teacher
Maxwell Edward, farmer
McCarroll John, weaver
McCarroll Michael, farmer
McCibbon Samuel, farmer

McCullough Joseph, farmer
McCullough Matthew, farmer
McGregor James, farmer
McKay Gordon, storekeeper
McKey William, farmer

McLaughlin Patrick, jun., farmer
McLaughlin Patrick, shoemaker
McMillan James, farmer
McMullen Alexander, farmer
McMullen John, mariner

Millan Rev. William, Presbyterian
Milligan Robert, tailor
Milligan William, tailor
Mitchell Beverly, farmer
O Brien Daniel, farmer

Orr James, farmer
Orr James, jun., farmer
Orr John, farmer
Orr Samuel, weaver
Orr Thomas, farmer

Pye John, joiner
Pye William, farmer
Purvis Robert, farmer
Purvis William, farmer
Quinn Francis, farmer

Taggart John, farmer
Turner Fletcher, farmer
Turner Richard, farmer
Turner Samuel, farmer
Wallace Thomas, farmer


Bell Alexander, farmer
Bell James, farmer
Bell John, farmer
Bell Matthew, farmer
Bell William M., farmer

Gibson Edward, farmer
McCullough James, farmer
McCullough James, jun., farmer
McCullough John, farmer
McCullough Joseph, farmer

McCullough Joseph, jun., farmer
Reid James, farmer
Reid Robert, blacksmith
Reid William, farmer

Transcribed by Craig Walsh.

Copyright 2001
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