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2013 Index for 1921 Census Family Names with link to Census Images
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Oct 2002   Bocbaec Community Cemetery and Unmarked Graves, courtesy Charlotte Branch, NBGS.
Jul 2002 Digdeguash / Elmsville / Johnson Settlement Methodist / United Church Cemetery, courtesy Charlotte Branch, NBGS.
Feb 2002  Cemetery transcriptions for Church of the Transfiguration, Bethel (Anglican) Cemetery, small/private cemeteries ,Bocabec Presbyterian Church Cemetery courtesy Charlotte Branch, NBGS.
Jan 2002 Robert Vardon's 1838 obituary to the Vardon Genealogy page.
Nov 2001    First 1846 tax assessment of Saint Patrick Parish; Michael Dwyer School Scandal, 1833; 1841 tax assessment of Saint Patrick Parish; Vital Statistics page.
Oct 2001    1831 tax assessment of Saint Patrick Parish.
30 Sep 2001 John Curry et. al. Grant, Digdeguash River, 1784.
John Curry Five Islands (Hardwood, Hog, Long, & 2 others) Grant, 1792
74th Association Grant, Digdeguash, 1790.

Teacher's licence petitions for Dorcas Haley and Eliza Hitchings, 1833.
Sam Orr Pond page.
Wheaton Lake page.
May 2001 Bocabec Black Granite page
Church of Heavenly Rest, Bocabec (Anglican).

Wheaton Lake.
new link on the Hospital Island page.
Apr 2001 1891 Census, with index (921 names).
Road Grants, N. B. Assembly (1810 - 1852)
Mar 2001 N. B. Assembly Appropriations
   - Teachers (1834 - 1848)
    - Other (Pensions, industry, etc.)
Updated Villages & Geography: Bocabec, Clarence Ridge, Digdeguash, Dyer, Elmsville, Whittier Ridge.
Updated Digdeguash Red Granite Company Act.
link to The Granite Industry of St. George from St. George GenWeb.
Facts about Saint Patrick Parish.
Feb 2001 1881 Census, with index (1123 names).
Bocabec Presbyterian Church History, by Edith McMillan. (courtesy of Shirley O'Neill)
Photo of Hospital Island. (courtesy of Tom Moffatt)
UpdatedBoundaries page with Dumbarton Parish Act of 1856.
Updated Clarence Ridge and Whittier Ridge.
Minor update to Vardon Genealogy.
Schedule 2 (Churches & Schools) from the 1901 Census.
Schedule 3 (Churches & Schools) from the 1871 Census.
Schedule 6 (Mills) from the 1871 Census.
Hardwood, Hog, and Long Islands History page.
Updated Villages & Geography : several new pages: Dyer, Oven Head, Hardwood Is, Hog Is, Long Is, Highways, Clarence Ridge, numerous entries from gazetteers to existing pages;
28 Jan 2001 Digdeguash Red Granite Company Act.
Historical Descriptions of Saint Patrick Parish.
Bocabec Baptist Church Members.
Hospital Island page.
Updated Vardon Genealogy page.
Lovell's 1871 Directory (Bocabec, Digdeguash, Saint Patrick) to the Census page.
Woe Onto You Ye Bocabecers!
Saint Patrick Central Agricultural Society Act
Turner's Mill Act
New links to History and Genealogy page.
Updated James Boyd of Passamaquoddy.
Updated Villages and Geography: Bocabec, Digdeguash, Elmsville / Johnson Settlement / Saint Patrick maps and links
1901 Census, with an index (755 people) to the Census page.
Dec 2000 James Boyd of Passamaquoddy.
Updated Sam Orr Pond.
Minor update to Vardon/Milliken Genealogy.
The Memoirs of Annie M. Holt and the People of Bocabec.
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Ganong's 1913 paper on the meaning of Bocabec, courtesy of the Royal Society of Canada.
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Guide to Genealogy in Charlotte County
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Descriptions of Digdeguash, Elmsville, Falls Brook, Saint Patrick, Welch Lake, Whittier Ridge
Off-site link to John MCELROY Genealogy
Off-site links to Backlands of the Penobscot Loyalists 1784  - courtesy of Cleadie Barnett
Land at Digdeguash River, 1784 - courtesy of Cleadie Barnett
Apr 2000 Description of  McMinn Settlement
Bocabec Methodist Circuit Baptisms -  - courtesy of Craig Walsh
Mar 2000 Bocabec Methodist Circuit, History, Deaths 1886-1923; Marriages 1912-1915;
Lookup link for 1871 Census
Feb 2000 Saint Patrick Presbyterian Church Baptisms History & Marriages - courtesy of Craig Walsh
Membership List Bocabec Methodist Circuit, 1905,1908,1909  - courtesy of Craig Walsh
History of Churches in Bocabec  - courtesy of Craig Walsh
Rev. John Mitchell's Journal 1800-1804 - courtesy of Craig Walsh
Dec 1999 Parish Map Added   -courtesy of Arnie Krause
Village Listings
Saint Patrick Parish Schools History-  courtesy of Rev. Charles Smith Family & Saint Croix Courier
Anglican Church Baptisms in St. George - courtesy of Charlene Beney
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