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Bocabec Methodist Circuit
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         The following is a transcription of the registers for the Bocabec Methodist Circuit. The circuit existed from 1876 - 1925 and included churches in Saint Patrick and Dumbarton Parishes, Charlotte County, N. B. Congregations were located in:
Digdeguash (Elmsville)
Whittier Ridge
Pleasant Ridge
Lawrence Station (Saint James Parish)
         Church buildings existed in Bocabec, Digdeguash, Whittier Ridge and Lawrence Station. Schools were used for church in Dumbarton and Pleasant Ridge. The status of Tryon is unknown. The circuit was disbanded in 1925 with the formation of the United Church of Canada. Several of the churches, including Bocabec and Digdeguash, joined with several other Presbyterian churches in the area to form a new United Church Pastoral Charge. Prior to c1876, the Methodist churches in Saint Patrick were part of the Saint Andrews Circuit. Prior to 1830, Saint Andrews and Saint Patrick were part of the Saint Stephen Circuit.

         The registers were transcribed between November 1992 and July 1993 by myself - Craig Walsh. As of August 1995 the original documents were owned by Wesley United Church, St. Andrews, N. B. and were in temporary storage at the Charlotte County Archives, St. Andrews. This introduction was originally written in 1995 and has been updated from time to time.

         The following changes were made from the originals to conserve space: abbreviated column titles (for some books); most punctuation eliminated; eliminated th's, nd's, rd's, etc., on dates; months abbreviated to three letters (most were already like this). Otherwise this is an exact transcription including ditto marks, blank spaces, etc. Several notes and marks, eg "*", appeared on the originals so be careful to distinguish these notes from those in square brackets [] that were inserted by the transcriber. Question marks [?] follow unclear or illegible words.

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