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The following villages, areas and geographic features are located in Saint Patrick Parish. If you see one missing, please drop me a note. The links on this page are limited to information on placenames and entries from gazetteers. For information on the actual history of these places, see the History page. The Boundaries  page describes the legal boundaries of Saint Patrick and discusses its islands.


Bocabec Cove
Bocabec Ridge (see Kerrs Ridge)
Carrs Ridge (see Kerrs Ridge)
Clarence Ridge  (Dumbarton Par.)
Johnson Settlement
Kerrs Ridge
Grove Settlement (see Bocabec)
St. Patrick (Settlement)
Whittier Ridge (Dumbarton Par.)


Fiander Road
Foster Road
Holts Point Road
Kerrs Ridge Road
Reardon Road
Routes 1, 127, 760

Other Features

Berry Point
Creighton Point
Glass Point
Holts Point
Orrs Point
Oven Head
Phils Beach
Turner Mills
Vardons Point  (see Holts Point)

Map of Saint Patrick Parish
in Charlotte County, New Brunswick, Canada
Click to obtain a larger map from A. Krause.
The boundaries of Saint Patrick Parish are shown
by the heavy red lines. The boundaries in Passama-
quoddy Bay do not represent actual boundary
lines per se; rather, they are intended to show that
the islands are part of Saint Patrick Parish.

The gray lines are 67W longitude and 4515' N
latitude and are accurate within about plus or
minus two widths of the lines. They also indicate
the boundaries of the corresponding maps in the
National Topographic System (see below).

For a larger view showing the whole county, see
the Charlotte County Map.

The map was redrawn by Craig Walsh based on 
a scanned map provided by Arnie Krause. Click
the map to obtain the original, more detailed map.

Water Features

Big Bay (Bocabec Bay)
Birch Cove
Black Brook
Bocabec Cove
Bocabec River
Bonaparte Lake
Bonny River Lake
Boom Cove
Clarence Brook
Creasey Lake
Digdeguash Harbour
Digdeguash Lake
Digdeguash River
Dyer Brook/Stream
Falls Brook
Kerrs Lake
Navigation Lake
Mill Cove
Sam Orr Pond
Sangus Lake
St. Patricks Lake
Timber Cove
Welch Lake
Wheaton Lake


Basaltic Island see MacDougalls
Bird Island
Dicks Island
Hardwood Island
Hog Island
Hospital Island
Little Hardwood (see Hospital)
Long Island
MacDougalls Island
3 Islands (Hardwood, Hog &Long)

Charlotte County Geographical Names:
There is a master list of Charlotte County place names on the central Charlotte County GenWeb site.

Canadian Geographical Names:
The Geographical Names Board of Canada maintains a database of officially approved Canadian place names. The Board falls under Natural Resources Canada.(1).

United States Geographical Names
The United States Geological Survey and the United States Board on Geographic Names maintains an online database of United States place names.(1)

National Topographic System:
The Canadian government produces an excellent series of high quality topographic maps at a scale of 1:50 000 with 10 metre contour intervals. Individual houses, churches, schools and cemeteries are also marked in rural areas (which is all of Saint Patrick Parish), although some do get missed. For more information, see the Centre for Topographic Information, which is part of Natural Resources Canada.(1)

Saint Patrick Parish is unfortunately situated right on one of the grid intersections, so four maps are needed for full coverage. The map numbers and names are:

NTS Maps Covering Saint Patrick Parish
Number Title Area of Saint 
Patrick Parish
Other Areas Covered
21 G/2
21 G/3
21 G/6
21 G/7
St. George
St. Stephen
McDougall Lake
Saint George, Blacks Harbour, Pennfield, Lepreau
Saint Andrews, Saint Stephen
much of Saint David, Saint James and Dumbarton parishes
northern parts of Saint George, Pennfield, Clarendon

There is an index map to New Brunswick NTS sheets on the New Brunswick Department of Natural Resources and Energy site(1).

1. Note: The links to these government websites are provided for convenience only. The departments have no financial association with this site or the Canada GenWeb Project.
Modified on 21 Oct 2000:
Clarified Big Bay, Bocabec Bay, and Bocabec Cove.

Removed on 21 Oct 2000:
Bonny River (is part of Saint George Parish).
Lang Island (was typo for Long Island).
Kilmarnock Head (is part of Saint Andrews Parish).

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