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Hardwood, Hog, & Long Islands
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Land Transactions


    Hardwood Island, Long Island and Hog Island are located in Passamaquoddy Bay off the coast of Bocabec and Digdeguash but within the boundaries of Saint Patrick Parish. The islands are intimately connected and this page discusses their shared history and ownership. Each island also has an individual page with pictures and geographical notes: Hardwood, Hog, Long.

    The story of these three islands begins with John Curry, who was an important pre-Loyalist settler in what is now Charlotte County. On February 17, 1784 he received a licence to occupy the islands from the government of Nova Scotia: (1)

By His Excellency John Parr Captain General and Governor in Chief in and over His Majesty's Province of Nova Scotia and its dependancies Vice Admiral of the same etc etc
Licence is hereby Granted to John Curry Esqr & his heirs to Occupy for a Fishery Two Islands near Deer Island as coloured and Letter'd on the Plan annexed also three small Islands near the Mouth of Digdeguash Bason for the purpose of Raising Sheep, This Licence to continue only during the time Fish shall be Cured and sheep Raised on the aforesaid Islands _
Given under my hand and Seal at Halifax this seventeenth day of February 1784 in the twenty fourth year of His Majesty's reign.
J Parr

The modern names of the islands appeared as early as 1792 when the government of New Brunswick granted Curry full ownership of the islands: (5)

. . . number two Hardwood Island in the said Bay, lying about midway between Chamcook and Hog Islands _ number three Hog Island (including the small Island near its southern point and being on the East side of the same) lying in the said Bay, at or near the mouth or entrance of Digdiguash [sic] River, number four long Island lying in the mouth or entrance of the said River northeasterly from and near to Hog Island aforesaid . . .

   John Curry had considerable business dealings with four McMaster brothers named Patrick, John, Daniel and James who were prominent Loyalists and merchants. During the late 1700s they executed several large land transactions involving the islands and other property. The McMasters acquired full ownership in 1795 and the islands remained in their hands for several decades until Daniel McMaster was the only one still living. A dispute then arose between him and the heirs of his late brother James. These heirs were James' children - John McMaster, Angus Daniel McMaster, and Charlotte McMaster - and his son-in-law James Allenshaw, who was the widower of his daughter Janette McMaster. In 1824 a settlement was reached and among other things it gave sole title of the islands to the four heirs; Daniel McMaster received other property in return. In 1829 the heirs divided the islands by giving Charlotte exclusive title to Hardwood while John McMaster, Angus D. McMaster and James Allenshaw received joint ownership of Hog and Long.

    Charlotte McMaster married Rev. Samuel Thompson, Anglican rector of St. George, in 1836 (2) but it is not known whether she had sold Hardwood Island first or not. Hog and Long remained jointly held until 1856 as they were passed back and forth between various people. Other owners included Dr. Moore R. Fletcher and Dr. William W. Fletcher of Massachusetts and New Hampshire. The former lived in Saint Patrick for a time and is listed in the 1851 census. Interestingly enough, Angus McMaster was living with the family and one of the children was named Allanshaw: (3)

Name Age Birthplace Relationship Occupation Date of Entering
the Colonies
Dr. 39 U. S. Husband Physician 1838
Ann 34 N. B. Wife   Birth
Allanshaw 6 " Son   "
Wewster 4 " "   "
- 3 mo " "   "
Elizabeth Parks 25 " Single Servant Maid "
Sarah Green 24 Irish " "           " 1830
Angus McMaster 49 N. B. " Schoolmaster Birth

    Hog Island was finally sold to a local person in 1857 but Long Island remained in the hands of Massachusetts people until at least 1875.


1. Nova Scotia grant book 13 (old), page 29. Re-registered in Charlotte County Registry book A, page 155.

2. St. Andrews Standard, St. Andrews, N. B. 14 July 1836:

At Digdeguash on the 7th inst. by the Rev. Dr. Thomson of St. Stephen, the Rev. Samuel Thomson, A. M. Rector of St. George to Charlotte, daughter of the late James McMaster, Esq. of this place.

3. The New Brunswick Census of 1851: Charlotte County. Vol II. Robert F. Fellows (Ed.). PANB. 1975. p 174.

4. Statutes of New Brunswick. 12 Victoria, c. 33. Passed April 14, 1849. p. 124.

5. New Brunswick Crown Land Grants, Volume IV, Number 243. Dated June 1, 1792. Registered June 2, 1792.

Land Transactions


Ref: First letter or number is the Charlotte County Registry book unless otherwise noted. The number after the period is the page number.
Inst: D = deed, M = mortgage, W = will, G = Crown land grant, L = licence, S = sheriff's sale.
Res: StP = Saint Patrick, StA = St. Andrews, Pass = Passamaquoddy.

Hardwood, Hog and Long
Ref Date Inst Grantor Res Grantee Res
A.155*  1784 Feb 16 L Nova Scotia   John Curry  
A.156 1786 Jul 08 M John & Hannah (w) Curry Pass Patrick, John, & Daniel McMaster Halifax
B.034 1789 Dec 18 D John Curry StA Patrick, John, Daniel & James McMaster NS
IV.243# 1792 Jun 01 G New Brunswick   John Curry  
B.405 1795 Aug 17 D John Curry   Patrick, John, Daniel & James McMaster  
H.474 1824 Jun 20 D Daniel McMaster StA John, Charlotte & Angus McMaster; James Allenshaw  

* Nova Scotia Grant Book 13 (old), Page 29. Re-registered in Charlotte County Registry Book A, Page 155.
# New Brunswick grants, Volume IV, Number 243.

Hog and Long
Ref Date Inst Grantor Res Grantee Res
P.216 1829 Sep 01 D Charlotte McMaster StP John & Angus Daniel McMaster; James Allenshaw  
Q.340 1838 Jan 13 D Angus Daniel McMaster StA John McMaster StA
T.586 1844 Jun 03 S Sheriff Thomas Jones for James Allenshaw   Charlotte County Bank  
V.381 1849 Nov 12 D Rev. Samuel Thompson* StG Dr. Moore R. Fletcher Concord, NH
W.019 1850 Aug 16 D Charlotte County Bank   Henry Frye  
Z.651 1854 Jul 05 D Henry Frye StA Dr. Moore R. Fletcher StP
2.473 1856 Jan 04 M Dr. Moore R. Fletcher Cambridge, MA Enos Blake Concord, NH
2.615 1856 Jan 06 M Dr. Moore R. Fletcher Cambridge, MA John Merrill Cambridge, MA
3.405 1856 Sep 05 D Dr. Moore R. Fletcher Cambridge, MA Dr. William W. Fletcher Concord, NH

*My notes record Thomson as the grantor but perhaps he was acting for the estate of John McMaster. The New Brunswick Assembly had approved a payment to Thomson earlier in the year in its annual appropriations act of 1849 (4):

    To His Excellency the Lieutenant Governor or Administrator of the Government for the time being, the sum of fifty six pounds five shillings to be applied in purchasing two hundred and twenty five acres of vacant Crown Lands in the County of Charlotte, for the Reverend Samuel Thomson, of the Parish of Saint George, in the said County, Administrator of the Estate of the late John M'Master, deceased, as per Report of the Committee of the twelfth day of March one thousand eight hundred and forty nine.

Ref Date Inst Grantor Res Grantee Res
O.337 1829 Sep 05 D John & Angus Daniel McMaster; James Allenshaw StP Charlotte McMaster StP


Ref Date Inst Grantor Res Grantee Res
5.194 1857 Dec 15 D Dr. William W. Fletcher Concord, NH Daniel Kelly StP
23.117 1873 Apr 05 W Daniel Kelly Digdeguash Peter Kelly (son) Digdeguash
23.135 1874 Mar 14 D Peter Kelly StP Elizabeth McGibney  
28.359 1878 May 30 D Elizabeth McGibney StP James, Mary Ann & Margaret McGibney StP


Ref Date Inst Grantor Res Grantee Res
12.619 1866 Jan 01 D Dr. W. W. Fletcher,
by attorney M. R. Fletcher
Concord, NH James H Wyeth
in trust by W. P. McLaren
15.099 1867 Oct 16 D James H. Wyeth
& Wm. P. McLaren
  John Trowbridge  
15.101 1868 Feb 14 D John Trowbridge Cambridge, MA Edward Haynes Boston, MA
16.488 1869 May 21 D Edward Haynes (trustee) Boston James H. Wyeth Cambridge, MA
26.067 1875 Dec 22 D James H. & Maria (wife) Wyeth Cambridge, MA Winthrop W. Cheney Belmont, MA

Referred to as "Long Island or Jasper Island" in 26.067.

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