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Big Bay, Bocabec Bay, Bocabec Cove
Last Updated 3 Dec 2000

    There has been some confusion over the years over the location of Big Bay, Bocabec Bay, and Bocabec Cove. At the moment, the Canadian Geographical Names Data Base recognizes the following places:

Name Feature Type Latitude - Longitude
Bocabec Cove Unincorporated area 45 10' 00" N - 67 01' 00" W
Bocabec Cove Bay 45 10' 00" N - 67 02' 00" W
Big Bay Bay 45 09' 00" N - 67 01' 00" W

    The above three places all appear on National Topographic System map 21 G/3 (St. Stephen) in the appropriate locations. It is clear that Big Bay is the larger body of water between Kilmarnock Head and Creighton Point, while Bocabec Cove is the inner part of Big Bay. The community of Bocabec Cove is simply the area of land adjacent to the body of water.

    "Bocabec Bay" is not a recognized name, however it is sometimes used informally to refer to Big Bay. It actually appeared on an early edition of Crown Land Grant Map #161, which also erroneously labelled Bocabec Cove at the mouth of the Bocabec River. The mistakes are corrected on the November 1979 version of the map. The 1952 edition of NTS map 21 G/2 made the same Bocabec Cove mistake, but the current version is correct.


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