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Bocabec, Bocabec River
Last Updated 4 Mar 2001

    Bocabec is one of the major communities in Saint Patrick Parish. It is an unincorporated rural area, so its boundaries are ill-defined and determined by local custom. A sensible definition would be all the land in Saint Patrick Parish on Passamaquoddy Bay south of Route 1 and west of Digdeguash Harbour. A more liberal definition of Bocabec would include the land north of Route 1 to the northern boundary of the Bocabec River watershed, which includes Blueberry Montain, Navigation Lake, St. Patricks Lake, Creasey Lake and Kerrs Ridge.

    This page is limited to small, miscellaneous bits of information on Bocabec. More extensive articles and links are listed on the History page. See also: The Memoirs of Annie H. Holt and the People of Bocabec, Sam Orr Pond, Bocabec Cove, Big Bay, Bocabec Bay, Hutchinson's Directories, Holts Point / Vardons Point.

The Meaning of "Bocabec"

Post Offices (from the National Archives of Canada Post Offices database )

Entry from Lovell's Gazetteer of 1877, p. 38

  •     BOCABEC, a post settlement in Charlotte co., N.B., on the Bocabec river, 3 miles from Chamcook. Pop. 240.
  • Entry from McAlpine's Maritime Gazetteer of 1892, p. 428-29

  •     Bocabec, a post settlement in Charlotte Co., on the Bocabec River, 10 miles from St. Andrews by team, contains one store, Dom. express, pop. 300.
  • Entry from McAlpine's Maritime and Newfoundland Gazetteer of 1898, p. 671       New!

    Entries from the McAlpine's Atlantic Gazetteer of 1919, p. 437

  •     Bocabec, a post office, Charlotte co.,
  • a large farming district, 10 miles from St. Andrew's, the nearest commercial centre; 7 miles from Chamcook station on C. P. R. Contains 1 store, saw mill, telephone, Baptist and Methodist churches. Pop. 250.  
  •     Bocabec Cove, a post, farming and fishing settlement Charlotte co. Nearest railway station, Chamcook on C. P. R. 5 miles. Nearest commercial centre, St. Andrew's, 7 miles.
  • Entry from the Atlantic Gazetteer of 1939, p. 61

    Other Bocabecs

        There is a lake named Lac Bocabec in Quebec. It is listed in the official database of the Commission de Toponymie. If anyone has information on the origin of this lake's name and possible connections to the New Brunswick Bocabec, please email me.

    Indian Site at Phils Beach, Bocabec

        Phils Beach is located on the eastern edge of the mouth of the Bocabec River. In 1883, G. F. Matthew conducted an interesting archealogical dig there at the site of an old aboriginal encampment. Click for a bibliographic citation of Matthew's subsequent 1884 paper. I hope to post the paper eventually once I have sorted out any copyright issues.


        The following papers discuss the geology of Bocabec and the surrounding Passamaquoddy region. Click on the links to get a full citation from the Bibliography and References page. They may be obtained from the Geological Survey of Canada or any decent Canadian geology library.

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