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Posted 4 Mar 2001

Dyer is located along the western side of the Digdeguash River across from Elmsville and was named for a local family. The name has been officially rescinded by the Geographical Names Board of Canada, but when it operation the official spelling was "Dyer" with no terminal "s".

Entry from McAlpine's Charlotte County Gazetteer of 1886-87, p. 463

  •     DYER's, 62 miles, central station for the valley of the Digdeguash. Nearest point to Digedeguash [sic] Lake and Clarence Stream, noted fishing grounds.
  • Entry from McAlpine's Maritime Gazetteer of 1892, p. 463

  •     Dyers, a post office in Charlotte Co., on the S. L. R., 62 miles from St. John, fare $2.20, Am. express.
  • Entry from McAlpine's Atlantic Gazetteer of 1919, p. 451

  •     Dyer's, Charlotte co., a flag station on Shore Line railway of C. P. R., 15 miles from St. George.
  • Entry from McAlpine's Maritime and Newfoundland Gazetteer of 1898, p. 715       New!

    Entry from the Atlantic Gazetteer of 1939, p. 76

  • DYER'S, Charlotte Co., (Elmsville P. O.)     a flag station on the C. P. R.
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