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Elmsville, Johnson Settlement, St. Patrick Settlement
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These rural communities are or were located in the central part of the parish along the east side of the Digdeguash River. Route 760 passes through them. The name St. Patrick was used for this area - in addition to the whole parish - in the 1800s for some time, then fell out of use and was replaced by the names Elmsville and Johnson Settlement. St. Patrick appears, for example, in Lovell's publications and in the name of the post office, as shown below. The names Elmsville and St. Patrick were used in the 1901 census. The Memoirs of Annie M. Holt, 1968, twice refers to "Johnston Settlement, now Lower Elmsville" (pages 6 and 20A).

Elmsville Community Access Site (off-site)

Post Offices (from National Archives of Canada Post Offices database)

Entry from Lovell's Gazetteer of 1877, p. 302

  •     ST. PATRICK, a post settement in Charlotte co., N. B., 11 miles from St. Stephen. Pop. 250.

    [No entries for Elmsville or Johnson Settlement. See also Lovell's Directory of 1871, p. 302.]

  • Entries from McAlpine's Maritime Gazetteer of 1892, p. 465

  •     Elmsville, a post settlement in Charlotte Co., on the S. L. R., 18 miles from St. Stephen, it contains one store, one saw mill and one grist mill. Am express, pop. 400.
  •     St. Patrick, a post settlement in Charlotte Co., 12 miles from St. Stephen, fare 50 cts., it contains two stores, pop. 800.

    [Note: These population figures cannot possibly be correct, since the population of the entire parish in the 1891 census was only 921.]

  • Entry from McAlpine's Maritime and Newfoundland Gazetteer of 1898

    Entry from McAlpine's Atlantic Gazetteer of  1919, p. 452-53

  •     Elmsville, a post office, Charlotte co.; a farming settlement on Shore Line railway, C. P. R., 20 miles from St. Stephen  15 miles from St. George, the nearest commercial centre. Contains 2 stores, Presbyterian and Methodist churches.
  • Entry from the Atlantic Gazetteer of 1939, p. 79

  • ELMSVILLE, Charlotte Co., a post office     settlement near Dyers, a station     on the C. P. R.; pop. 50. St. Stephen is the nearest port of entry and commercial centre.
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