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Holts Point Road
Last updated 18 Feb 2000

This piece of land is located on Passamaquoddy Bay below Wheaton Lake. It is bounded on the east by the mouth of the Bocabec River, and on the west by Mill Cove and Creighton Point. It was formerly known as Vardons Point but today is called Holts Point. The road of the same name terminates at the point.

Vardons Point

    The point was originally named after the family of Robert Vardon and Phoebe Milliken. They bought land here in 1786 and presumably took up residence soon after. Although their only two sons emigrated to present-day Ontario in the 1840s, the family name did not disappear immediately. The Memoirs of Annie M. Holt says (page 12):

Under the hill below the home of Angus [Holt] was the old Varden Place. Varden's Point was on the old Charts. My father [James Edward Holt, 1849 - 1922], who used to go to sea, had one of those charts. I never knew where Vardens came from and where they went.

    Even well into the late twentieth century, local fishermen referred to the rocks off the point as the "Vardon Ledges".

   More information on the Vardons and Millikens is available on the Vardon Genealogy page.

Holts Point

    The modern name comes from the Holt family, founded by Capt. John Edward Holt (1826 - 1887) and Mary Ann Johnson (1828 - 1902), both of whom are buried at St. John-the-Baptist Chapel of Ease in Chamcook. The Holts were grandparents of the above Annie M. Holt. She describes them as follows (page 12):

My father, James Holt came to Varden's Point with father, John Edward Holt and some brothers and sisters from Halifax, N. S. Grandfather, always a sea-going man, came first to Eastport, where his father lived. He was an only child of his father's first marriage. He found and became much interested in the situation at Varden's Point and brought his family there.

    The family is listed in the 1871 Census (page 41) with seven children aged 21 to 7 born in Nova Scotia, one child aged 5 born in the United States, and two children aged 2 and under born in New Brunswick. This places their arrival at the point around 1869, assuming they came directly from Eastport. They are also in the 1881 Census (page 49).

    The name "Holts Point" was used as early as 1889 when an article entitled "A Terrible Calamity: Six Men Drowned by the Sinking of their Boat off Hardwood Island" on page 3 of the St. Andrews Beacon, 9 May 1889.

Holts Point Road

    Holts Point Road begins at Highway 127 and then goes south along a ridge on the west side of Wheaton Lake. The road goes southeast at the bottom of the lake and ends at Holts Point on Passamaquoddy Bay. It is not known when the name was first applied to the road, nor whether the name Vardons Point Road was ever used.

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