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Wheaton Lake

    Wheaton Lake is located in the south part of Saint Patrick Parish above Holts Point, and between the Bocabec River and Big Bay. It drains into Mill Cove on Passamaquoddy Bay. The Memoirs of Annie M. Holt contains a general description (page 12) and also an account of ice cutting in pre-refrigerator days (page 22). The lake's official name was formerly Bocabec Lake but that has been rescinded in favour of Wheaton Lake. It appears to have taken its name from a local family. The Memoirs of Annie M. Holt refers to "the Wheaton cellar" (page 13) and there are Wheaton/Wheton families in that location in the 1851 and 1861 censuses (see below). A list of donors from the Bocabec Baptist Church in 1861 also lists a Mrs. Wheton.
Wheaton Lake, Bocabec
The two stretches of road are both part of Highway 127. Hardwood Island is
visible off the coast. Chamcook Mountain is at the far right.
Taken in 1993 from the mountain behind Bocabec United Church looking
south, by Craig Walsh.

1851 Census of N.B.
Saint Patrick Parish, Charlotte County, p. 4. National Archives of Canada mfm C995. *
Name Age Birthplace Relationship Occupation Date of Entering
the Colonies
John Wheton 65 English Husband Farmer 1834
Hannah Wheton 51 Native Wife    
James Lambert 14 Do Son    
Edward Owens 14 Do Son    
Susanna Wheton 8 Do Daughter    
Thomas Wheton 6 Do Son    
Ann Lavary 14 Do - Servant  

* Also in print, The New Brunswick Census of 1851: Charlotte County.
Robert F. Fellows (Ed.). Vol II. 1975. p 223.


1861 Census of N.B.
Saint Patrick Parish, Charlotte County, p. 12. National Archives of Canada mfm C1001.
Number. Names of Inhabitants. Sex. Relationship to head of family. Age. Race and where born. Rank or Occupation. Religious Profession.
472 Hannah Wheaton F Head of Family 63 Nov[a] Scotian - Baptist
473 Ann do F Daughter 19 Native Schollar [sic] Episcopalion
474 Thomas M do M Son 17 Native G Labour Episcopalion

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