Burton Parish - Woodside
Woodside Cemetery
Cleadie B. Barnett, C.G.(C)

Old file number at PANB - v. I, 07

This cemetery is on the south side of the road a few hundred yards east of the bridge over the Oromocto River at French Lake. About 6-8 miles from Geary, NB. (Recorded 24 July 1985 by George H. Hayward - complete listing)

Notes (by C.B.Barnett) George Hayward kindly permitted the use of his copy of this information which had been entered into a data base, thus the format of this file is different from other listings. The numbers below, represent the cemetery number in his book, followed by the stone number of the recording. All entries sharing the same stone number are from one stone.
Data bases are very good for cataloguing this type of information, they do have two drawbacks.
1) Occasionally there is data on a stone that will not fit into the fields allotted. Such as "stone erected by brother John".
2) Names occasionally have to be assumed. Example: John Jones' name may be followed by several other given names. They are probably all of the Jones family, but at times may be a grandchild is included, who is actually another surname, but is not recorded as such. Although it is not always evident in a complete stone recording it is sometimes harder to catch in the following format.

07009CARR Gordon W 27 Jan 1896 - 31 Jan 1922
07001HANSON Larry E 1946-1961
07008HARNISH Elizabeth F 1889?-1975
07006HARPER Clara J, see WOOD, Clara J
07002McLAUGHLIN Anna Marie Smith, w/o David L 1950-
07018McLAUGHLIN Bessie A, w/o Ernest W d 24 Nov 1903, ae 29 y
07017McLAUGHLIN Marion, d/o Ernest & Grace 1934-1935
07017McLAUGHLIN Grace E Wood, w/o Ernest W 1895-1971
07017McLAUGHLIN Ernest W 1870-1954
07002McLAUGHLIN David L 1937-
07013NASON Nellie B, w/o Frank L d 03 Nov 1911, ae 24 y
07004SMITH Viva Wood 1894-
07004SMITH Austin J 1892-1950
07011SMITH A.H., see WOOD, A.H.
07002SMITH Anna M, see McLAUGHLIN, Anna
07007WOOD Franklin T husb/o Clara J Harper 1867-1943
07006WOOD Clara J Harper, w/o Franklin T 1873-1904
07010WOOD Lester M 1936-1957
07011WOOD A.H. Smith 1876-1955
07003WOOD George (no dates)
07012WOOD Lawrence B 1900-1982
07012WOOD Alice M, w/o Lawrence B 1913-
07003WOOD Nettie S, w/o Harrison W 1868-1943
07003WOOD Harrison W 1863-1927
07015WOOD Carrie 1869-1948
07016WOOD Hannah 1845-1909
07016WOOD William 1875-
07016WOOD Edith O 1871-1888
07005WOOD Adam W, s/o Franklin & Clara 1899-1928
07004WOOD Viva, see SMITH, Viva
07003WOOD Maggie (no dates)
07017WOOD Grace E, see McLAUGHLIN, Grace E
07014WOOD Charles T 1867-1955
07019WOOD Thomas S 1865-1939
07019WOOD Helen I, w/o Thomas S 1873-1948
07019WOOD Robert A, s/o Thomas & Helen (no dates)
07019WOOD Donald A, s/o Thomas & Helen (no dates)
07019WOOD Azzah, c/o Thomas & Helen (no dates)
07019WOOD Earl C, s/o Thomas & Helen (no dates)
07019WOOD David J, s/o Thomas & Helen (no dates)
07019WOOD Thomas G 1894-1971
07019WOOD Frennetta E, w/o Gain d 11 Feb 1897, ae 54 y
07019WOOD Eva, d/o Frennetta (no dates), 5 y
07019WOOD Gain d 17 Apr 1907, ae 69 y
07020WOOD Thomas Gainor 1894-1971
07021WOOD Charles d 07 Jul 1896, ae 63 y
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