Burton Parish
St Vincent de Paul's Cemetery, Oromocto
by Cleadie B. Barnett, C.G.(C)

Old file number at PANB - v. I, 08


Geary Baptist Cemetery, on both sides of Highway #7 in Geary near the Baptist Church. It is next to the Lion's Center. Recorded by George H. Hayward, June 16 1985. Published in NBGS's Generations, 1998

Notes (by C.B.Barnett) George Hayward kindly permitted the use of his copy of this information which had been entered into a data base, thus the format of this file is different from other listings. The numbers below, represent the cemetery number in his book, followed by the stone number of the recording. All entries sharing the same stone number are from one stone.
Data bases are very good for cataloguing this type of information, they do have two drawbacks.
1) Occasionally there is data on a stone that will not fit into the fields allotted. Such as "stone erected by brother John".
2) Names occasionally have to be assumed. Example: John Jones' name may be followed by several other given names. They are probably all of the Jones family, but at times may be a grandchild is included, who is actually another surname, but is not recorded as such. Although it is not always evident in a complete stone recording it is sometimes harder to catch in the following format.
11091ANDERSON George W, see CARR, George W
11088ANDERSON Dora, see CARR, Dora
11061ARBEAU Lowell E Smith, w/o Alfred S 1909-
11061ARBEAU Alfred S 1920-1969
11115BONNAR Evelyn M, see CARR, Evelyn
11057BOONE Evelyn (no dates)
11037BOONE Eunice H Wood, w/o Alfred F 1916-
11034BOONE Cinderella M Till, w/o Willard L 1889-1971
11037BOONE Alfred F 1913-1976
11118BOONE Florence H, d/o Marven & Etta 19 Jul 1914 - 25 Oct 1919
11033BOONE Louisa M Till, w/o Warden 1879-1958
11033BOONE Bertha A Till, w/o Warden 1894-1930
11033BOONE Warden 1888-1979
11052BOONE Elaine I, see SHANKS, Elaine I
11032BOONE Harry 1889-1974
11058BOONE Nellie A, w/o Albert E 1898-1984
11105BOONE Olive J, see SHANKS, Olive J
11008BOONE John W 1847-1924
11008BOONE Martha M, w/o John W 1844-1926
11009BOONE J Harvey 1864-1937
11009BOONE F Adelaide, w/o J Harvey 1865-1933
11009BOONE Ellis, c/o Harvey & Adelaide 1906-
11009BOONE Harold, buried in F'ton Jctn (no dates)
11009BOONE Charles, buried in F'ton Jctn (no dates)
11009BOONE Rebecca, buried in F'ton Jctn (no dates)
11010BOONE Sheldon W 1972-1972
11011BOONE Hannah E 1890-1970
11012BOONE John H 1893-1955
11013BOONE Blanche I 1897-1960
11014BOONE William Moran 1866-1950
11014BOONE Mary Symantha, w/o William M 1873-1934
11015BOONE Betty Ruth 1943-1972
11035BOONE Frederick G 1886-1936
11058BOONE Albert E 1892-1964
11057BOONE Ernest W 1921-1977
11095BOONE Nettie G, see HOWE, Nettie G
11031BOONE Vina J, w/o Otis E 1878-1962
11031BOONE Otis E 1877-1946
11020BOONE George A 20 Jul 1855 - 04 May 1923
11034BOONE Willard L 1881-1947
11018BOONE Duncan J 1863-1956
11018BOONE Mary A, w/o Duncan J 1866-1936
11019BOONE John D 1866-1956
11021BOONE Margaret L 15 Oct 1861 - 01 Dec 1950
11036BOONE Allan C 1921-
11036BOONE Etta I M Smith, w/o Marven A 1889-1972
11036BOONE Marven A 1884-1965
11035BOONE Frances M Howe, w/o Frederick G 1891-1977
11107CARR Ray E, s/o Frank E & Mary J, d 26 Sep 1901, ae 8m, 19d
11106CARR Bernice B, see PHILLIPS, Bernice
11123CARR Viola Gert' d/o Austin & Blanche d 24 Dec 1919, ae 7 m
11026CARR Odbur W d 27 Nov 1867, ae 37 y
11026CARR Martha J, w/o Odbur W d 20 Apr 1918, ae 85 y
11027CARR Dorus O d 06 May 1925, ae 63 y
11028CARR Selina I, w/o Dorus O d 23 Mar 1922, ae 63 y
11029CARR Trafford O 1901-1968
11029CARR Mildred T Wood, w/o Trafford O 1907-
11122CARR Reuben 1884-1962
11030CARR Lawrence L, Pte, R.C.A.S.C. 02 Mar 1908 - 31 Jul 1940
11007CARR Rita B, see PHILLIPS, Rita B
11108CARR Harold F H 1904-
11031CARR Otis E 1877-1946
11031CARR Vina J, w/o Otis E 1878-1962
11006CARR Belle, see SMITH, Belle
11108CARR Edna E Currier, w/o Harold F H 1914-
11110CARR Cecelia M, w/o Leslie H 1863-1937
11109CARR David A, s/o Leslie & Cecelia d 19 Feb 1927, ae 35 y
11121CARR Jacquelin Yvonne, d/o Trueman d 03 Oct 1936, ae 7 hrs
11120CARR Earl L S, s/o Austin & Blanche d 27 Jan 1925, ae 1 y
11110CARR Leslie H 1859-1947
11115CARR Garnett D, husb/o Evelyn Bonnar 1931-1971
11119CARR B 22 Mar 1896 - 24 Jun 1970
11065CARR Alma A Waugh, w/o Lester B 1918-
11065CARR Lester B 1916-
11088CARR Josephine R Currie, w/o Chester 1878-1952
11088CARR Chester O 1879-1953
11088CARR Nellie T, d/o Chester O 1911-1927
11091CARR Gerhadues E d 12 Nov 1915, ae 47 y
11104CARR Rosabel 1902-1930
11059CARR Myrtle M 1912-1972
11081CARR Winnifred S, w/o Samuel E 06 Oct 1858 - 02 Jul 1925
11081CARR Samuel E 1856-1938
11004CARR Lulla G 22 Mar 1896 - 24 Jun 1970
11003CARR Robert B 1893-1961
11088CARR Dora Anderson, w/o Chester O 1885-1915
11074CARR C.W. 1946
11085CARR Olive Cecelia Shanks w/o Herbert d 28 Aug 1898, ae 19y, 8m
11090CARR David, see TILL, Mabel E
11102CARR Charlotte H d 12 Jun 1911, ae 82 y
11101CARR Alexander d 05 Apr 1910, ae 84 y
11100CARR Sarah 1868-1934
11099CARR Melvin 1858-1915
11117CARR William B, s/o Wm S d 25 Jun 1914, ae 2y, 9m
11116CARR Elizabeth, w/o Salathiel 1856-1933
11098CARR Mary Isabell, d/o Edwd & Isabell d 21 Aug 1889, ae 14y, 6m
11045CARR Alfred A, s/o Thomas & Inez 1920-1980
11046CARR Thomas A 1891-1979
11046CARR Inez May Till, w/o Thomas A 1895-1979
11116CARR Salathiel 18 Feb 1856 - 20 Dec 1916
11047CARR G Melvin 16 Dec 1925 - 21 Jun 1931
11088CARR Verna E, d/o Chester O 1906-1925
11049CARR Mabel E, w/o David d 08 Jan 1932, (no age)
11049CARR Mabel E Till, w/o David d 08 Jan 1932, (no age)
11003CARR Belle R, w/o Robert B 1903-
11097CARR Isabella, w/o Edward d 18 Sep 1877, ae 50 y
11096CARR Edward d 19 Mar 1900, ae 80y, 10m
11087CARR Gildroy d 11 May 1897, ae 80 y
11082CARR David B 1872-1946
11086CARR Annie L d 10 Apr 1891, ae 27 y
11082CARR Laney M 1880-1968
11074CARR G.T. 1926-1927
11054CARR Larry Paul 1953-1969
11055CARR Samuel E Jr. 1889-1973
11055CARR Eva E Smith, w/o Samuel E Jr. 1900-
11094CARR Janet, w/o George d 22 Nov 1901, ae 18 y
11093CARR Wentworth L d 12 Oct 1933, ae 31 y
11083CARR Clarence E 1903-1980
11111CARR Franklin 1829-1915
11080CARR Lillian, see HOWE, Lillian
11080CARR Anne, see HOWE, Anne
11065CARR Dorothy E Gaudet, w/o T Glendon 1931-
11088CARR Myrtle A, d/o Chester O 1914-1934
11089CARR Milton S d 05 Nov 1920, ae 69 y
11092CARR Mary S, w/o Rainsford D d 25 Jan 1911, ae 52 y
11092CARR Rainsford D d 06 Sep 1913, ae 59 y
11065CARR Adam E 1919-
11065CARR Violet M Smith, w/o Adam E 1923-
11081CARR Blanche, d/o Samuel & Winnifred 22 Sep 1885 - 23 Mar 1893
11111CARR Elizabeth J, w/o Franklin 1830-1911
11091CARR George W Anderson d 26 Feb 1906, ae 18 y
11090CARR Annie V 1883-1899
11064CARR Roger L 17 Sep 1939 - 24 Jan 1963
11087CARR Willie A, w/o Gildroy d 25 Apr 1914, ae 87 y
11111CARR Frances E 1854-1925
11065CARR Tolbert 1894-1977
11065CARR Tereca L Smith, w/o Tolbert 1898-
11065CARR T Glendon 1929-
11084CARR Manton B 1881-1962
11065CARR Stephen M 1955
11077CARR William M d 17 Apr 1900, ae 48 y
11086CARR Annie E d 09 Mar 1885, ae 23 y
11112CARR Hattie M, d/o Leslie & Cecelia d 22 Feb 1900, ae 2y, 10m
11090CARR Bessie 1890-1891
11090CARR Effie 1886-1889
11114CARR Lowell B d 1959, ae 3 wks
11113CARR Etta L d 25 Dec 1888, ae 10y, 2m
11084CARR Elsie A, w/o Manton B 1884-1972
11086CARR Wilber O d 02 Jan 1915, ae 57 y
11090CARR Mary M, w/o Darius 26 Mar 1852 - 04 Jan 1921
11113CARR Amanda J d 26 Dec 1888, ae 9m, 14d
11090CARR Johnnie 1876-1888
11062CHAPPELLE Caroline 1936-
11062CHAPPELLE Luke M 1930-1979
11042COCHRANE Roland Guy 1892-1975
11042COCHRANE Waldon Kenneth 1915-1968
11039COGSWELL Lyle D 1929-1964
11040COGSWELL Baby 1972-1972
11038COGSWELL Frederick R 1900-1978
11038COGSWELL Elizabeth Leona 1904-1966
11053CROUSE Derick James d 18 Jun 1964, baby
11088CURRIE Josephine R, see CARR, Josephine
11001DRUMMOND Beatrice G, see SMITH, Beatrice
11065GAUDET Dorothy E, see CARR, Dorothy E
11068GRACE Marguerite P 1906-1967
11066GRASSE Jeneva I, w/o Preston A 1918-
11066GRASSE Preston A 1910-1969
11069GRASSE Frederick T 1899-
11069GRASSE Myrtle M 1902-
11022HARPER Adam d 20 Dec 1921, ae 84 y
11017HARPER Charles H May 1875 - Jun 1893
11016HARPER John T 1869-1945
11016HARPER Annie B, w/o John T 1888-1980
11016HARPER Clarence F 1908-1927
11016HARPER Budd A 1911-
11016HARPER George A 1923-1941
11017HARPER Thomas Nov 1834 - Dec 1914
11017HARPER Mary, w/o Thomas Jan 1836 - Oct 1893
11023HARPER Elizabeth T, w/o Adam d 12 Sep 1943, ae 97 y
11072HOWE Fenetta E, w/o Charles E d 23 Mar 1948, ae 87 y
11080HOWE Anne Carr, w/o Isiah 1862-1929
11080HOWE Isiah 1852-1930
11078HOWE Elizabeth J, see TILL, Elizabeth
11076HOWE C Maude, see TILL, C Maude
11080HOWE Lillie Carr, d/o Isiah & Anne 1886-1936
11071HOWE Charles E d 22 Nov 1905, ae 48 y
11067HOWE Isabelle M, w/o Stanley C 1887-1975
11067HOWE Stanley C 1886-1964
11095HOWE Bessie A 1904-1926
11095HOWE Nettie G Boone 1896-1918
11125HOWE Elizabeth J 1884-1959
11035HOWE Frances M, see BOONE, Frances M
11125HOWE M Holland 1877-1952
11124HOWE George E 1894-
11075JACQUES Philip A d 1932, ae 15 m
11060McLELLAN Richard, L/Cpl, R.C.A.S.C. d 18 Mar 1966, ae 44 y
11051MOREHOUSE Peter Allen s/o Donald & Marilyn 25 Apr 1980 - 26 Apr 1980
11106PHILLIPS Ewart H 1911-1983
11106PHILLIPS Rebecca, d/o Ewart & Bernice 1943-1943
11106PHILLIPS Bernice B Carr, w/o Ewart H 1916-
11007PHILLIPS Purdie A 1891-1958
11007PHILLIPS Rita B Carr, w/o Purdie A 1892-1959
11056PIERCY Lettie Amelia, w/o Alward Elisha 1893-1979
11056PIERCY Alward Elisha 1896-1955
11073PIERCY Phillip G, s/o Della & Bowman 20 Mar 1922 - 07 Jun 1922
11085SHANKS Olive C, see CARR, Olive C
11050SHANKS Samuel L 1871-1965
11050SHANKS Letitia O 1875-1946
11105SHANKS Olive J Boone, w/o Otis 1885-1958
11005SHANKS Edith L, see SMITH, Edith L
11052SHANKS Sammy G 1913-1983
11052SHANKS Elaine I (Boone) (no dates)
11105SHANKS Otis 1879-1940
11063SMITH Larry D, s/o LeBaron Austin 1951-1983
11001SMITH Beatrice G Drummond, w/o Freeman 1901-1983
11002SMITH Thelma R 1905-1976
11065SMITH Tereca L, see CARR, Tereca L
11061SMITH Lowell E, see ARBEAU, Lowell E
11044SMITH Walter N 1909-1937
11043SMITH Dora L Till, w/o Amaziah A 1891-
11043SMITH Amaziah A 1870-1954
11042SMITH Etta Ann, w/o Sterling James 1888-1974
11063SMITH Sherman W 1882-1945
11103SMITH Ada M, d/o Tho's D d 25 Dec 1906, ae 1y, 1m
11036SMITH Etta I M, see BOONE, Etta
11065SMITH Violet M, see CARR, Violet M
11001SMITH Freeman Thomas 1899-1981
11063SMITH Cora J, w/o Sherman W 1891-1946
11070SMITH Theodore B d 22 Dec 1943, ae 71 y
11070SMITH Amanda D, w/o Theodore B d 27 Aug 1921, ae 43 y
11070SMITH Frank D, s/o Theodore & Amanda (infant, no dates)
11070SMITH Audrey D, d/o Theodore & Amanda (infant, no dates)
11006SMITH Belle Carr, w/o Osburne J 1907-
11006SMITH Osburne J 1903-1972
11005SMITH Ada M, d/o Thomas D & Edith L d 1906, ae 1 y
11005SMITH Edith L Shanks, w/o Thomas D 1872-1962
11005SMITH Thomas D 1869-1955
11042SMITH Sterling James 1878-1960
11063SMITH LeBaron Austin, s/o Sherman/Cora 1929-1983
11043TILL Dora L, see SMITH, Amaziah A
11078TILL Elizabeth J Howe, w/o H Allen 1884-1959
11078TILL H Allen 1877-1952
11076TILL C Maude Howe, w/o H Holland d 12 Feb 1943, ae 83 y
11076TILL H Holland d 24 Feb 1906, ae 57 y
11033TILL Louise M, see BOONE, Louise M
11049TILL Mabel E, see CARR, Mabel E
11048TILL Vincent D 1908-1926
11046TILL Inez M, see CARR, Inez M
11043TILL Dora A, see SMITH, Amaziah A
11127TILL Zenlo A d 14 Apr 1960, ae 35 y
11079TILL Elizabeth J, Mrs d 06 May 1959, ae 75 y
11034TILL Cinderella M, see BOONE, Willard
11033TILL Bertha A, see BOONE, Bertha A
11126TILL Patricia E 1971-1971
11025TILL Mabel, w/o William E 1885-1971
11025TILL William E 1874-1924
11024TILL Louisa A, w/o Heretio M 1843-1921
11024TILL Heretio M 1842-1921
11065WAUGH Alma A, see CARR, Alma A
11029WOOD Mildred T, see CARR, Mildred T
11037WOOD Eunice H, see BOONE, Eunice H

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