Burton Parish
Preston Carr Cemetery, Geary
by Cleadie B. Barnett, C.G.(C)

Old file number at PANB - v. I, 01

Donated to PANB by Cleadie B. Barnett


Notes (by C.B.Barnett) George Hayward kindly permitted the use of his copy of this information which had been entered into a data base, thus the format of this file is different from other listings. The numbers below, represent the cemetery number in his book, followed by the stone number of the recording. All entries sharing the same stone number are from one stone.

Data bases are very good for cataloguing this type of information, they do have two drawbacks.

1) Occasionally there is data on a stone that will not fit into the fields allotted. Such as "stone erected by brother John".
2) Names occasionally have to be assumed. Example: John Jones' name may be followed by several other given names. They are probably all of the Jones family, but at times may be a grandchild is included, who is actually another surname, but is not recorded as such. Although it is not always evident in a complete stone recording it is sometimes harder to catch in the following format.

08001HALMAN Lloyd, s/o Reginald & Marion 1956-1971
08002HOWE William A 05 Nov 1937 - 24 Oct 1970
08003HOWE William E d 16 Jun 1948, ae 86 y
08003HOWE Mehetable J, w/o William E d 18 Apr 1953, ae 84 y
08004HOWE C.T. (infant, no dates)
08007CARR R?/H?. A. (infant, no dates)
08008CARR Alton S Apr - Jun 1943
08009CARR Sharon E 30 Nov 1948 - Feb 1949
08010CARR Lorne E 1890-1965
08010CARR Agnes M 1892-
08011PIERCY Eunice T d 31 Oct 1933, (no age)
08012CARR Edward A 1938-1948
08014CARR Gerald D 1917-
08014CARR Noreen I Phillips 1918-
08014CARR Harry G 1945-1963
08014CARR Edward A 1938-1946
08014PHILLIPS Noreen I, see CARR, Noreen I
08015HOWE Parker C 1863-1940
08015HOWE Annie B, w/o Parker C 1866-1945
08016OLIVER Frank Borden 1911-1912
08016OLIVER Faye Pauline 1922-1923
08016OLIVER Ethel Kathleen 1909-1910
08016OLIVER C.W. Hunt 1941
08016OLIVER Winfield Nelson 1882-1970
08016OLIVER Ethel B Carr 1883-1956
08016CARR Ethel B, see OLIVER, Ethel B
08017GRASSE John Albert 1863-1936
08017GRASSE Rebecca Smith 1867-1944
08017SMITH Rebecca, see GRASSE, Rebecca
08018SMITH Georgie A, see CARR, Georgie
08018CARR Georgie A Smith 1872-1941
08018CARR Eldon J 1869-1942
08019SMITH Douglas B, Signalman, R.C.C.S. d 25 Jul 1943, (no age)
08020CARR Basil M 1909-1961
08021CARR Obed 1902-1961
08022CHAPPELL Robert B, L/Cpl, Can Eng, C.E.F. d 09 Mar 1961, ae 73 y
08023POORE William P, Pte, 104th, C.E.F. d 25 Dec 1960, ae 73 y
08024POORE William P 1887-1960
08024POORE Laura M, w/o William P 1890-1963
08025MacLEOD E. 1909-1967
08026FOSTER Mina A 1904-1962
08027FITZGERALD Gertrude Susan 08 Feb 1898 - 20 Apr 1963
08027FOSTER Mina sis/o Gertrude Fitzgerald 1904-1962
08028POORE Ida E (no dates)
08029CARR Eldridge A 1900-1950
08030CARR Talmage D 1879-1958
08030CARR Ethel G Betteridge, w/o Talmage 1887-1968
08030BETTERIDGE Ethel G, see CARR, Ethel
08031CARR Arthur 1881-1950
08032CARR Elizabeth D 1887-1972
08033CARR Pearl Lucy 1891-1970
08034CARR Alton E 1932-1970
08035CARR Justie A 1884-1953
08036CARR Lois Freda d 11 Feb 1955, ae 1 y
08037MILLER Amos G 1890-1954
08038CARR Lewis Hedley 1899-1967
08039CARR Earl M d 30 Jun 1968, ae 20 y
08040CARR Frederick E 1897-1967
08041CARR Fred E 1897-1967
08041CARR Eva E Wood, w/o Fred E 1900-19
08041CARR Fayne W, s/o Fred E & Eva E 1918-1919
08041WOOD Eva E, see CARR, Eva E
08042HARPER Ernest W 1915-1962
08043HARPER Warren A 1885-19
08043HARPER Melissa Carr 1878-1900
08043HARPER Ernest W, s/o Warren & Melissa 1915-1962
08043HARPER Lawrence W, s/o Warren & Melissa 1917-19
08043CARR Melissa, see HARPER, Melissa
08044HARPER Ralph A 1912-1965
08044HARPER Marjorie A, w/o Ralph A 1914-19
08044HARPER Ralph W, s/o Ralph & Marjorie 1947-
08045HARPER Ralph Adam 1912-1965
08046CUMMINGS David Wayne 1967-1967
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